Cathey Gearin

“I’m ok today.” If ever asked, “How are you?” Cathey Campbell Gearin’s reply remained consistent. Having spent three decades responding with the traditional “fine,” once the Greenfield native began her journey living via a 12-step program, she vowed never to pretend again and relished sharing the serenity she discovered in giving her life over to God. Thirty-two years into that journey and two weeks short of her 67th birthday, Cathey’s body failed her, but her spirit lives on. Evidence of her impact can be seen in the numerous words of support and comfort flooding into her family and her husband of 15 years, Donald Gearin. When they reached that decade and a half milestone in July, Cathey noted that he was “the love of my life, my best friend, and soulmate.” He, too, shared the sentiment regarding his “rock.” They have called Martin home throughout their marriage. Cathey’s smile, optimism, and ability to live one day at a time with gusto garnered much attention. But so did her wisdom, honesty and ability to speak truth when sometimes it was hard for others to hear. “Have a good day, unless you have other plans” was another of her catch phrases and sums up the practical approach she had to life. She wanted to help support her mother Margaret Campbell Porter when she was widowed at 41. So, Cathey chose a career in pharmacy and often joked that she was “just a pill counter” when in fact, she earned what was later noted to be a doctorate, a title she never used. Creative, quick to laugh, and known for her wit, Cathey chose to express her colorful outlook by wearing her signature purple and tie-dye. At parties and family gatherings she was known for being the source of fun from coloring books for all on Christmas morning so that everyone could post some crayoned self-expression on the refrigerator door to donning green and gold so that she could loudly support her great-nephews in their pursuit of what she knew would be a 2019 football championship. Another catchphrase – “love ya, see ya later, bye” – captured the essence of Cathey’s interactions as the aunt of nine nieces and five nephews, numerous great nieces and nephews, stepmom to Amanda (Anthony) Wilkes and Jason (Marcie) Denton, and grandmother to six. Her friends spread across the country but they too knew that she loved deeply, stood by those she was devoted to loyally, and always left a room with a hug and a smile. Retired, she and Donald began a small crafting business and took to the road where she added to her numerous admirers by engaging with customers and fellow crafters at craft shows. Her crocheting and knitting of gloves, scarves and baby blankets have warmed the southeast and provided treasures for those she loved.  “Yay rah!” Cathey uttered it cheering on the Skyhawks and the Lake County Falcons, entering a festival, or discovering a little known dive restaurant. The phrase also reflected her positivity when a challenge had been met, a demon kept at bay, or a step was made in the right direction. While never calling herself a cheerleader, her enthusiasm for supporting others was legendary. And, those who call her wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and “Cathey Jack” can only echo her words as they look to the days ahead … “love you, see you later, bye.” Visitation for Cathey Campbell Gearin will be from noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 6. A celebration of life will follow at 2 p.m. at Williams Funeral Home in Greenfield. Online tributes may be left at

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