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Mrs. Haslam hosts event for legislators’ spouses

Mrs. Haslam hosts event for legislators’ spouses

Posted: Thursday, March 21, 2013 8:00 pm

Mrs. Haslam hosts event for legislators’ spouses | Crissy Haslam, Marjie Sanderson

Legislators’ spouses recently spent two days together attending events in Nashville hosted by Tennessee first lady Crissy Haslam, a first-ever of such an event.
Marjie Sanderson, wife of District 77 Rep. Bill Sanderson, said, “It was a lovely time spent getting acquainted and conversing, and the first-ever of such a type of event hosted by a first lady. Crissy is very gracious to have hosted us.”
Mrs. Haslam said she wanted to “celebrate spouses who make many sacrifices and work very hard for the great State of Tennessee and to provide a way to thank all and share time together.”
The events started with a luncheon at the Tennessee governor’s residence, with spouses being served by Mrs. Haslam’s personal staff, followed by a tour and historical commentary by Mrs. Haslam through the residence interior, underground bunker and grounds. This included the new cutting garden which HGTV donated a grant for and filmed days later. The special will air on and television. The tour continued downtown at the Tennessee State Museum at the Civil War exhibit. The director showed the group the back room archives of Tennessee governor and first lady memorabilia. They also viewed Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and the original 13th Amendment signed by Lincoln.
The second day of events began with coffee and pastries at the first lady’s office on the 27th floor of the Snodgrass building, which looks upon the Capitol. Following this, the group boarded a bus to Cheekwood Museum and Botanical Gardens, where they toured the Cheekwood Estate, learning more Tennessee history. They enjoyed lunch at Cheekwood’s Pineapple Room Restaurant.
Mrs. Sanderson said, “The discussions were lively with the spouses and not necessarily political, discussing their districts, careers, families and interests, gardening, variations in growing and climate conditions in their respective parts of Tennessee, farming, horses, and also discussed larger issues such as GMO and Monsanto, product labeling, nutrition, relationships and more.”
Mrs. Haslam expressed her desire to host such an event every year and has started a database for the spouses to keep in contact with each other.
Mrs. Sanderson wrapped up her day by visiting the Capitol and seeing her husband present a bill in a committee and said, “The Capitol was a-buzzin’ and they work so hard there.”

Published in The Messenger 3.21.13


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