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Hope Lodge lives up to its name for patient

Hope Lodge lives up to its name for patient
Hope Lodge lives up to its name for patient | Hope Lodge lives up to its name for patient

Patricia Burwick

Patricia Burwick of Union City learned during a trip to the family physician that she was facing signs of breast cancer.
After a mammogram and needle biopsy, she was sent for more surgery in Memphis.
With weeks of follow-up treatment on the horizon, Ms. Burwick knew she would be too exhausted driving back and forth to Obion County. She wondered what she would do about a costly hotel stay.
Thankfully, she gained some hope from her situation, according to a spokesman for the American Cancer Society.
Ms. Burwick met a doctor who told her about the American Cancer Society Harrah’s Hope Lodge, located next to Memphis’s famous Sun Studio.
She said she had no idea the lodge existed or what it did to help patients struggling with cancer needs. When the 64-year-old arrived in January 2011, the facility was very new.
“I remember talking to the lady behind the counter before I arrived, and she was delighted to see me when I walked into the Hope Lodge,” said Ms. Burwick. “The people there, patients and staff, were as nice as could be.”
Cancer patients are thrust into a new world when they begin treatment. Patients need an environment where they can concentrate on their health and getting better. Hope Lodges offer patients and a caregiver a “home away from home,” a place to go — at no cost — to live with others going through a similar experience, the American Cancer Society spokesman said.
Ms. Burwick said the rooms are very nice and have multiple beds so a family member could stay with her at the Hope Lodge. When an ice storm prevented her daughter from traveling, Ms. Burwick’s brother was able to drive down with her and stay until her daughter arrived.
The most surprising and favorite thing the Hope Lodge offered to Ms. Burwick was the kitchen area. “I could not believe when I walked in that there were full kitchens available for use. My daughter and I used these the most when we were there,” she said.
Ms. Burwick said she loved the interaction at the Hope Lodge. She spent a lot of time with the guests when they ate and talked about anything from their health to life stories. “Everyone that worked there was a blessing because they really did care about you and comfort you,” she said.
Ms. Burwick went through several rounds of chemotherapy and her later scans showed no signs of cancer.
“I feel great and am truly blessed for the doctors and what the Hope Lodge did for me,” she said. “I want more people to know about the Hope Lodge and the amenities it has to offer. I want people to have all the facts about their situation because I truly had no idea these services were offered.”
Information about the Hope Lodge or cancer can be obtained 24 hours a day from the American Cancer Society by calling toll-free at 1-800-227-2345.

Publilshed in The Messenger 3.18.13

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