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Public works department in Kenton outlines projects

Public works department in Kenton outlines projects
Staff Reporter
At a time when Kenton city officials are starting work on a new 2013-14 city budget, several big ticket items in the city’s public works department were brought before the Kenton mayor and board of aldermen Tuesday night.
City recorder Shayna Jackson provided board members with budget work sheets, which will be used to help prepare a new city budget.
However, Kenton Public Works director Nathan Spencer brought several items before the board that need to be handled before the new fiscal year begins this summer.
He said an eight-inch sewer pipe along Hillwood Street is in need of repair, and about 185 feet of sewer line — about 14-feet underground — needs immediate attention.
“It’s going to have to be replaced,” Spencer said.
Due to the depth of the pipe, a trackhoe will have to be used to determine the extent of the damage and what measures need to be taken to repair the damage.
“It’s got to be fixed,” board member Tim Johns said.
The city has one estimate in hand to repair the sewer line — nearly $24,748.
Mayor Virginia Davidson said she will get a second estimate to repair the sewer line before any decision is made. An engineer will have to be involved in the project, which is expected to take several days to complete.
The problems in the section of the sewer line were initially discovered by a pipe camera system used by the city. The city’s sewer camera is out-of-date and needs to be replaced, representing another expense being faced by the board.
The board did vote unanimously to enter into a three-year contract with Bishop Hydrant Service of Morris Chapel to service the city’s fire hydrants. The Tennessee company will flow test the city’s hydrants, pressure test water mains, number the approximate 120 fire hydrants in town and color code the hydrants.
The cost to the city will be $40 per fire hydrant, according to the mayor.
“That’s a good deal,” she told the board.
Also, the board unanimously approved spending up to $700 for a new set of tires for the city’s public works truck.
Other items that will have to be dealt with by the city board include work on the city’s sewer lagoon and an inspection of the city’s two above-ground water tanks.
In other action during the 50-minute meeting, the board:
• Addressed the ongoing problem of birds roosting around town. The city is working with the Dyer Police Department to use the agency’s propane cannon once it’s operable. Also, city residents are being allowed to use bottle rockets to scare off the birds, according to Police Chief Kyle Kirk.
• Awarded the city’s summer mowing contract to Watkins Lawn Care (Eddie Watkins) for $230 per mowing. His bid was $30 more than the only other bid received by the city.
• Announced free smoke detectors are currently available from the city, and residents can schedule to have the units installed by a Kenton firefighter.
• Was given a report by board member Angie Taylor, the city’s police commissioner, who said Dave Davis is no longer with the Kenton Police Department. She said she is considering using part-time officers. Ms. Taylor said during the month of February, the police department responded to 29 calls, made 29 traffic stops and issued 26 citations.
“We’re still right up there where we need to be,” Ms. Taylor said.
• Discussed problems the city is experiencing with illegal dumping at the city dump. The mayor said contractors are dumping building materials in the dump, in violation of a city ordinance. She said she is enforcing the ordinance and not allowing any more illegal dumping.
Tuesday night’s meeting was opened in prayer by city worker Jeff Crittenden.
Absent from the meeting was board member Sarah Skinner.
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Published in The Messenger 3.7.13

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