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Our Readers Write…

Our Readers Write…

Posted: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 7:00 pm

Steel mill will benefit our area

To The Editor:
Osceola, Ark., is getting a steel mill on a 1,300-acre site. When I was attending the University of California at Berkley in 1952, Economic Geography was one of the courses I took.
The professor teaching the class wrote the textbook we were using.
He said the American steel mills were becoming obsolete and would be replaced by new steel mills under construction in Western Europe using the latest technology.
He said in about 50 years or so, new steel mills in America would be constructed, using the latest in technology, and they would put the steel mills in Western Europe out of business.
He said the center of steel making in America would shift to Tennessee because Tennessee had the best juxtaposition of iron ore, coal and limestone needed in the production of steel.
He said Tennessee would not only become the center of iron and steel production, but also the center of automobile production because automobile production tends to locate where steel can be obtained at reasonable cost.
Osceola is on the Mississippi River where steel exports can be shipped down the Mississippi in barges and loaded onto barge-carrying ships. The steel mill in Osceola will stimulate industrial growth in West Tennessee.
Carmon Pritchett

Published in The Messenger 2.27.13

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