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Investigation continues in double homicide

Investigation continues in double homicide


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An adult son ran over his dad with a pick-up truck Wednesday afternoon and then shot another man who likely came to investigate the commotion, Weakley County Sheriff Mike Wilson told The Press this morning.

Dead are David McAlister, 61, and Timothy Betts, 52, both of Greenfield.

Eric McAlister, 40, of Greenfield was arrested and will be charged in the double homicide that happened about 4:30 p.m. at 246 Shades Bridge Road.

David McAlister was working on a water well at his brother’s home when his son allegedly ran him over in a pick-up truck, Wilson said.

Betts died from a gunshot wound, Wilson said, speculating Betts went to investigate after hearing David McAlister being struck by the truck.

“I can only imagine that he heard some type of commotion,” Wilson said of Betts.

Wilson said Eric McAlister sustained some type of injury to his hip, but the sheriff wasn’t sure if it was from a gunshot or a result of the impact when he allegedly ran over his dad.

Somebody reported the incident to Weakley County 911 at 4:34 p.m.

Yellow tape about 100 yards from the brick home kept spectators and family members away from the crime scene. Greenfield police helped secure the perimeter as investigators worked the scene.

A woman approached the scene about 5:30 and told a Greenfield officer she was the grandmother of Eric McAlister and wanted to talk to the alleged killer, who sat in the back of a sheriff’s unit. The officer told the woman she couldn’t talk to him right then.

“I just want him to know that I love him no matter what,” the woman said, crying. Published in The WCP 2.7,13

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