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School officials looked into threat

School officials looked into threat
Weakley County school officials were working with authorities last Friday to determine whether or not there was any merit to reports of a student making statements about hurting others at one of the county’s schools.
Assistant Director of Schools Jeff Kelley addressed questions of the allegations in a press release.
“We take allegations like this very seriously,” Kelley wrote. “We have a process in place which enables us to work with every party involved and to make recommendations based on the outcome of the investigation.” 
Kelley stated that the system “will follow that process to its completion. We’ll look into every aspect of this case just as we’ve done in prior cases.”   
Kelley wrote that he wanted to assure parents and students that at the time the school system was working with allegations only. 
“We welcome students and parents sharing their concerns with us,” Kelley wrote. “We can’t address an issue if we don’t know it’s causing a concern. We encourage students to tell a trusted adult if they see or hear of something that may result in someone getting hurt – we ask that parents talk with their school principal if they hear troublesome information.” Published in The WCP 1.31.13

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