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Beulah Land Cowboy Church

Beulah Land Cowboy Church

Posted: Thursday, January 31, 2013 6:00 pm

On Sunday, Bro Roger’s sprit-filled message was taken from Joel 2 titled, “Rend Your Heart, and Not Your Garments.” Remember there must be repentance before revival. There were several special prayer requests made including our own members and families. We were blessed to have several who had been out sick back with us.

Gary Hutchins, Cassie Chapel and William McRee led the music service. Cassie, William, Gary and Bro. Roger brought our specials this morning.

Bro Brian Duncan and Amanda took the youth to eat pizza after the church service. 

Bro. Terry Hilliard and wife, LaRuth, missionaries from our church, were present today.  They are planning to start a cowboy church near Newbern. We are all very excited about this new endeavor.

That night we had our women’s service which was led by Lisa Baskette. The lesson was from Habakkuk 1 and 2 titled, “Wait For It.” We must pray, be patient and have faith that God will deliver us from the trials we have throughout our lives.


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