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Mentors sought for youths who deserve shot at success

Mentors sought for youths who deserve shot at success
Associate Editor
Not everyone is dealt an equal hand in life, but sometimes things can be done to even out the playing field.
Prince Hammonds, 62, of Nashville knows this all too well and he wants to help.
He said he is encouraged by former Union Citian Mamie Turner of Nashville, who has started Motivational Monday classes, which are designed to empower self-sufficiency, in Union City through Healthy Life for Healthy Families Inc.
He wants to draw attention to the situation many young men are in today and, hopefully, some local men will come forward to offer their time as mentors.
Hammonds said many young men get in trouble with the law because they don’t have parent figures, their parents work at night or they have “burned those bridges” with their parents.
“I want to deter them from going to jail,” he said, adding when they have idle time, some of these young men turn to the streets. There they use or sell drugs, steal or worse. He wants to help them make better choices.
He also wants to be able to help those who unfortunately have already made those bad choices and have had to spend time in jail. His vision is to have a program here where these men can learn to become contributing members of the community.
Hammonds said a similar program is Aphesis House in Nashville, where the men have a safe, sober living environment. There they teach men skills, such as upholstery, which they can use to get a job or to open their own businesses.
Those willing to help seek grants for such a program or those willing to give of their time to mentor these men are encouraged to call Hammonds at home at (615) 860-6097 or on his cell at (615) 600-8553. His brother, Jess Hammonds, can also be contacted locally at 335-1620.
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Published in The Messenger 1.29.13