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Jolley Springs Baptist Church news

Jolley Springs Baptist Church news

Posted: Thursday, January 24, 2013 6:00 pm
By: By Linda Crawford

Our pastor, Tony Michael, used Ecclesiastes 12:1-14 for his morning sermon text Sunday. He told us to fear God and keep His commandments is the whole duty of man. He said it is time that we as Christians stand up against all the things that are going on in our country that the Bible says is wrong. He said sometimes the fight is worth it.

At the end of this service Angie Smith moved her membership from Maplewood in Paris to our church.

That night Bro. Tony preached from Romans 1:18-22.  He titled this sermon “The Plight Of Mankind.” He told us man wants to change all the rules and become God.

At the end of this sermon, we gathered at the altar to pray for Michael Hazelwood and Susan Owen. We laid hands on two prayer shawl gifts for them as we remembered them in prayer.

Richard Summers had surgery last week and is doing much better. He will have another surgery soon.

Bill McDaniel was at the hospital Sunday due to a diabetic problem.

Faye Maxey was taken to the Volunteer Community Hospital in Martin this past week for a couple of days.

Mack Jones is still seriously ill.

Special prayer was asked for Carolyn Moon. She was to have surgery at Vanderbilt Monday.

The Ore Springs/Como Helping Hand Auction day will be Tuesday, Feb. 19. This auction can be heard each weekday afternoon on 710 AM radio from Paris. All money raised is divided among many charities.