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Troy police chief retires after 24 years at department

Troy police chief retires after 24 years at department
Troy police chief retires after 24 years at department | Troy police chief retires after 24 years at department
Troy Police Chief James Cleek announced to The Messenger this morning that he has decided to retire, effective this Thursday.
In a typed statement Cleek said, “Well, after dedicating service to the wonderful people of Troy for 24 years through employment at the Troy Police Department, 15 years of which I served as chief of police, I have decided to retire. … With many hours and numerous arrests under my belt, I have decided it is due time.”
Cleek began his employment at the Troy Police Department April 19,1989. He was appointed Troy’s chief of police on June 24,1997. He said he has “seen many interesting things and met many interesting people.
“I have been the longest employed police officer with the department, a fact that I am truly proud of,” he said.
When he signed on with the Troy Police Department, the office was located adjacent to the old Troy Fire Department on the west side of the square. Cleek said he remembers the department only had two patrol cars at that time. It was not long after, in the early 1990s, that the department moved to the north side of the square in the building currently being occupied by First State Bank.
“The department began to grow, as did the responsibilities of the Troy Police Department,” he said.
The department moved to its current location in 2000. The building, adjacent to City Hall, also houses the town’s municipal courtroom.
“After many years of hard work and timeless hours and efforts to keep the Troy Police Department current with the ability to enforce the law, I think we as a department have accomplished this arduous task. There have been many fine officers employed here over the years, male and female, that have helped develop the department over the years. I am proud to say that I have worked with all of them and they are a true testament to the badge,” Cleek said.
In those years, the chief said the department has developed working relationships with other law enforcement departments in Obion County and those relationships “remain as strong today as they ever were.”
“Now, all these years later, I look at where we are at, from where we came. The town now has four fully-equipped police cars with some of the latest technology available, including radar and in-car camera systems that are second to none.
“Unfortunately, as time allows the police department and the Town of Troy to grow, it only adds to the fact that I am not getting any younger. I have had the honor and privilege of receiving some of the best police training around, and have tried my hardest to apply what I have learned over these years to provide a good service to the town of Troy,” Cleek said.
“I am proud of my accomplishments, proud of the officers that have served in the past and are currently serving, and proud to have been able to be there for the great people of Troy. I would simply like to take this opportunity to thank everyone living in and around the town of Troy for allowing me the opportunity to serve you as best I could through the police department.”
Published in The Messenger 1.23.13

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