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Our readers write

Our readers write

Posted: Friday, January 18, 2013 7:00 pm

Reader opines on politics, medicare, gay marriage

To the editor:

I am discussing some items.

1. Under Medicare plan D, some insurers are forcing insured to get medicines from mail-order pharmacies –  90 day supply – by requiring higher copay if we get them locally Mail-order has disadvantages. It takes 10 to 15 days to get medicines when we can walk in to a local pharmacy the day we run out of medicine. If doctor stops a medicine 90 day supply can go to waste because it can not be returned, we can easily talk to local pharmacist. 

I urge our U.S. senators and congressmen to look if any law is being violated by insurers and enact a law that insurers do not differential between local and mail-order.

It ironic that we are forbidden to get medicines from overseas but mail-order pharmacies can dispense medicines made overseas. Why then can not we get medicines from overseas?

There are thousands of pharmacies in America and they have to discard the medicines after expiration dates. Companies do not take them back. So pharmacies have to pass the loss to customers by way of high drug costs. Then all that goes to waste.

2. Mitt Romney made the same mistake Sen, McCain did in 2008. Palin at least could get her own state but Ryan could not get his own state. Reagan picked Bush and won. Both parties should consider adopting a rule that the person coming second in primaries is nominated as running mate.

3. Real problem with US economy, SS, Medicare is outsourcing and jobs going overseas. The only solution is stoppage of outsourcing and bring back the jobs. As I argued earlier, national debt should be entrusted to FED which can put it on mortgage basis with monthly payments  from debt tax-1 or 2 %- on total income,no deduction,no exemption.

4. I do not know what has happened to our judges and voters to rule and vote for same sex marriages. If their forefathers had practiced same sex marriages, they would not be here to rule or vote that way. Since people have aversion to God, I will say if nature wanted same sex mating, it would have made living being self pollinating like some flower and not male and female who has to bear fetus for 9 months and then breast feed the child. Even animals have good sense that they mate with opposite and not same sex in their species.  I hope wisdom dawns on US Supreme court to stop same sex marriages. Of course, world population today would be zero, solving all the problems, if original couples would have practiced same sex marriage.  

M.K. Jain, 



Reader reminisces on one of her special friends

To the editor:

I have a special friend whose name is Martha and I’ve know her for many years. She is much younger than I. Over the years we’ve shared many experiences, one of which proved that she could do what was required even though she had never done what was required.

The studio had scheduled a wedding at which he was to do the photography as well as providing a videotape from two cameras. I was to operate one and a high school girl who had helped us with earlier weddings had been engaged to help. When I went to get her, her mother refused to let her go because of an incident in which the girl was involved.

That problem was solved because I knew where Martha was at that time. I went by and persuaded her to fill in. She had never operated a video camera. Gary had already gone on and I had to drive very fast to get to the church in time, especially since I would have to give instructions about how to operate the camera. On the way Martha said, “You’re scaring me to death.”

When we got to the church, Gary had both cameras set up. I let Martha to the camera she was to operate and explained how to use it. As I look back, I can somewhat understand how she must have felt, especially since she had never operated a video camera. She proved to be a fast learner and did a good job.

After I retired from teaching I taught English to foreign women and tutored some of the foreign men students. The demand became same great that I couldn’t work with all of them. She solved the problem by working with some of them.

The friendship has endured since that time and I hope it continues as long as I live. I have learned that there is a vast difference between friendship and acquaintances.

Hyla Richardson,


Published in The WCP 1.17.13

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