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Jolley Springs Baptist Church news

Jolley Springs Baptist Church news

Posted: Thursday, January 17, 2013 6:00 pm
By: By Linda Crawford

We were so happy Sunday to have Tim Allen, who grew up in Jolley Springs Church, visiting in our service. He returned from his tour of duty in Afghanistan about two weeks ago and presented our church with an American flag that was on his crews’ medic helicopter and a certificate of appreciation from Operation Enduring Freedom 2012. Tim said he especially appreciated the prayers, news from back home and the box of supplies that our church sent him and his co-workers.

Our church has received a thank you letter from Rev. Don Combs and wife who are missionaries in Russia. Bro. Combs, who reads our newsletter via e-mail, told us about his work and how the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering helps him in his church planting.

Bro. Tony Michael used Isaiah 59:1 for his sermon text. He told us living for God is a full time job and not just a Sunday morning drive through experience.

Mary King’s mother, Louise Wynn, passed away Friday.  Her funeral was Tuesday at Ridgeway in Paris.

Sandra McCrary was at church Sunday and much improved following her surgery last week.

Kathy Perkins Stover had surgery on her leg last week. She and her husband were injured in an automobile accident recently.

Special prayer has been requested for Mack and Janie Jones from Martin. He is having some serious health problems.

Sylvia Nash, daughter of our former pastor, Douglas Nash, has written a mystery book called “The Missing Calico.” It can be purchased through