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Martin Senior Adult Center-Spotlight on Seasoned Citizen

Martin Senior Adult Center-Spotlight on Seasoned Citizen

Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 8:00 pm

Martin Senior Adult Center-Spotlight on Seasoned Citizen | Spotlight on Seasoned Citizen




The year was 1916. The President of the United States was Woodrow Wilson. In February of that year, The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra presented its first concert. In March, President Wilson sent 12,000 U.S. troops over the U.S.-Mexico border to pursue Pancho Villa. In April, the Chicago Cubs played their first game at the current Wrigley Field. In June, the Boy Scouts of America were formed. 

Then on July 4, 1916, Lester and Lula Grubb had the first of seven children. This baby is known today as Mrs. Ruby Rawls. I talked to Ruby one afternoon in my office and did a lot of listening to a wonderful lady. 

She talked about taking her baby sister to school with her each day. She also, explained how all the kids and a few grown folks would come running when someone saw a new model –T coming down the road. This was the first glimpse of a new machine called a car. 

She also said they would gather around the radio when President Franklin Roosevelt talked about WWII. In those days money was short, so you still lived off the land. Families grew what they ate and didn’t spend money on anything other than your necessities like sugar or butter.  Families still had a lot of fun because they always went to the county fairs. She calls that a real fine time.

Ms. Ruby married May 7th, 1932 at the age of 15 to John Felts Rawls. They moved to the country around the Chestnut Glade community and raised four children. All four of her children (Neal Rawls, Sherry Harrison, Edna Harris and Joe Rawls) live close by. Although they live close, they still have a hard time keeping up with her.  

  When asked about her hobbies, she still loves to quilt and garden.  Ms. Ruby still drives where she wants to go including going to the Martin Senior Center at least two to three times a week. She still enjoys a good game of cards. 

  I asked her if she had ever gotten to travel. She said yes, she had been fortunate to go to a lot of different places in the United States and elsewhere. Some of those were Hawaii, Mexico, D.C., New Orleans and even got to see the Grand Canyon. She also has a sister that lived in Florida and she would make regular trips to go stay with her and take in Disneyland. 

I finished my conversation with Ms. Ruby by asking her what was her secret for a long life? She cheerfully explained that getting up in the morning, getting your shower and staying busy. Be active, garden, clean the house, mow the yard. (Yes she still mows her own yard) I guess I looked puzzled because she quickly told me that there was nothing to mowing anymore, all you had to do was get on the lawnmower and put it in gear. Go figure!  Anyway, her secret is work, staying active, country living, country eating, and being around people. Even though she feels her children are her best friends, you still need to be around people and have a conversation.  

Published in The WCP 1.15.13