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Pipe-burst floods Gleason School

Pipe-burst floods Gleason School
News Editor
GLEASON – Gleason School was closed Tuesday as officials cleaned up after portions of the school flooded with water.
A 2-inch line running through the main boiler dislodged, sending water into the school, according to Randy Frazier, Weakley County’s director of schools.
“Water was pouring into the building,” he said.
Frazier said he got a call about 7:45 p.m. Monday from a staff member at the school who noticed water coming into the building.
The water line to the building was shut off, and school officials worked late into the night Monday getting water out of the building, Frazier said.
The damaged pipe was repaired Tuesday, he said, and classrooms resumed Wednesday.
Affected areas included two fourth-grade classrooms, the elementary guidance office, an art classroom, a teacher’s lounge, a conference room and several hallways, according to Gleason principal Trish Price.
One of those classrooms was that of fourth-grade teacher Jessica Rich.
Tuesday was supposed to be her first day on the job after she was recently hired to teach.
Instead, she spent the afternoon sorting through boxes in a closet and cleaning up the classroom. There was no serious damage, she said.
Price joked that Rich was to blame for the flooding, because the theme for Rich’s classroom this semester is “under the sea.”
The majority of damage throughout the school is to carpeting and woodwork around floors, Frazier said.
About 500 students attend the school.
Published in The WCP 1.10.13