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Spicer releases children’s book

Spicer releases children’s book
Glen Spicer of Union City, a frequent contributor to The Messenger’s editorial section, has now become a publisher and author with the release of a young reader’s book entitled “Pipi.”
Having always been interested in the mysterious nocturnal visitors that buzzed by him grabbing flying moths with perfect precision, it was only fitting that Spicer one day pen a story about bats.
When developers leveled trees to clear land for building houses, many forest creatures lost their homes, including a small bat. Unable to find his mother in the chaos, he left in search of safer surroundings. Taking refuge in an old barn, he met Timmy, a small freckled-faced boy, dealing with a loss of his own. Together they strike up a friendship that is destined to rescue them both.
It is an endearing tale of a little boy named Timmy and his uncommon friendship with a displaced bat he named Pipi. The book handles the subject positively with friends helping each other in a way that enriches both of their lives.
Life can sometimes be unfair when offering its lessons for us to leam, but as Timmy and Pipi soon discover, it’s always easier when we have true friends to lean on.
Lisa Dawn Martinez from the Finicky Editor wrote, “Glen Spicer has ‘a lovely, wholesome writing style that is refreshing. No violence or cliches. Just a sweet story about relationships and life lessons and the little details like about the crooked shirt were such a nice touch.’”
Patti Auten, a reader from Littleton, Colo., wrote, “Pipi is very poignant story that is sure to delight adults as well as the young readers for which it was intended. Thoughtfully written, the words create delightful images in the mind to accompany the illustrations. The story brought both tears of sadness and joy and a new perspective of a widely misunderstood but beneficial creature.”
In the last chapter, Spicer accepts the responsibility of offering interesting facts about bats, their beneficial contribution to the planet and how we, as people, should react to and around them. Included is the admonishment for children not to treat them as pets but wisely to study and admire them from a distance.
Also included is the link to the Bat Conservation International website where much interesting information is available. There’s also a link to where you can go for free plans for building your own bat house.
“Pipi” is available in soft cover from the Lighthouse in Union City, Hastings Book, Music and Video in Dyersburg,, and from the author.
Published in The Messenger 1.10.13