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Schools to review security measures

Schools to review security measures
News Editor
The Weakley County School System, along with schools across the state, will be reviewing security measures in the wake of December’s school shooting in Newtown, Conn.
“It’s a statewide initiative for us to look at school safety and some things that we’re doing about security our buildings,” Director of Schools Randy Frazier at Thursday’s school board meeting.
He said door buzzers are being installed at two or three schools that do not have the devices.
“You can plan and train for those events, but it’s hard to anticipate what actually happens until you get into the middle of one of those events,” Frazier said.
Several years ago, Weakley County teamed with Obion County to hold an active shooter drill at Westview High School. The scenario involved a simulated armed intruder.
“We have done extensive training with that,” Frazier said. “I’m sure there will be some discussions about moving forward with that in the future.”
He encouraged board members to have concerned parents call the school board of their child’s principal to further discuss security measure in place.
“Sometimes people in the community get frustrated because it’s inconvenient and they don’t have free reign in and out of the school like we did years ago,” Frazier said. “We all understand the reason for that. We’ll probably even be tightening that up as we move forward.”
Published in The WCP 1.8.13

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