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A man and his dog

A man and his dog

Posted: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 8:00 pm
By: By Lisa Smartt

I spoke to 450 teachers this week at an in-service a few hours from here. And guess what? I came out of that event with two precious puppies. Yep! Two fat adorable puppies. If you’re wondering how I could be speaking one minute and acquiring puppies the next, yeah, I’m still wondering that myself.
It’s kind of like when a TV news reporter interviews someone about a tornado. The person always says the same thing, “We was jest sittin’ at the table playing Yahtzee with Me-Maw when all of a sudden it sounded like a freight train comin’ and it was too late to do anything about it.” One minute I was on stage telling a funny story about our family’s history with dumb dogs. The next minute I was signing up to bring two highly-acclaimed puppies home to the family. That freight train was mighty powerful, I tell ya. I never even knew what hit me.
It started at one of the breaks. A beautiful young woman pulled out her phone to show me some pictures of the exceptionally smart puppies she was blessed to be caring for. She assured me that these puppies were genetically exceptional and would provide great blessing to the fortunate family who was the first to sign up. Call me gullible or call me mother of the year. The verdict is still out.
We have been dog-free for years. Our days have been filled with cats, kittens, chickens and coons. But our boys have been asking. They’ve been asking about when we were going to once again experience the joys of canine ownership. Good news, boys. Good news. Put away that Yahtzee. Mama found puppies. Smart puppies, too. According to the zealous caretaker, these puppies can probably even do your homework for you.
We drove two hours to a precious teacher’s home to pick up the little canines. When we rang the doorbell, four beautiful puppies spilled out onto the porch in a big energetic blob of fur. Love at first sight. No doubts. Our boys’ faces lit up like the signs in Times Square. No turning back.
The puppies are beyond beautiful. And guess what? They were “free” puppies. “Free” puppies who will need shots, and check-ups, and an inordinate amount of food. And they are BIG puppies. Oh yeah. These horse-like puppies will eat us out of house and home within five days. They will eat through the college fund in less than a month. I’m starting to wonder what those teachers put in my coffee.
There are pivotal moments in life when you choose to take risks or play it safe. Safety is always less messy and more convenient. Risk means that things could go terribly wrong. But sometimes, well sometimes, you just have to take the leap and experience all the joy and wonder of flying through the air.  
So we’re glad we discovered these two exceptional little puppies. No regrets. Watching our boys chase them through the yard brings such joy to our hearts. I guess it really is true. There’s just something special about a man and his dog.
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