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Promises, promises … I’m ready to drink in whatever’s brewing in 2013

Promises, promises … I’m ready to drink in whatever’s brewing in 2013

Posted: Friday, January 4, 2013 8:00 pm
By: By Chris Menees, Staff Reporter

Promises, promises ... I’m ready to drink in whatever’s brewing in 2013 | Chris Menees, Just A Thought, Promises, promises ... I'm ready to drink in whatever's brewing in 2013

Well, there’s always next year.
Four days into the new year, I’ve already broken my promise to myself.
I should clarify that I don’t make official new year’s “resolutions.” Instead, I just sort of loosely make idle promises to myself that I know I’ll break within a matter of days.
This year, I promised myself I was going to try — with the emphasis on try — to drink less caffeine and drink more water instead.
I lasted about a day.
Get real, folks. Which am I more likely to enjoy in this 20-degree January weather — a steaming cup of coffee or a frosty glass of ice water? And, let’s face it, a cup of piping hot water just isn’t the same.
Does drinking more water count if it’s filtered water that I’m pouring into the coffee maker to brew a cup of high-octaine caffeine-packed liquid fuel in a cup? I’m just wondering … or just grasping at straws.
What can I say? I’m a work in progress.
I was off to such a good start on New Year’s Day. I cleaned out the refrigerator AND balanced the checkbook on the very same day to kick start the new year. I meant to take down the Christmas decorations, but, well … tomorrow’s another day.
See — if I’d had my morning cup of coffee as the first day of 2013 dawned, it would have done wonders to motivate me.
Just like birds need air and fish need water, I need caffeine.
I’m the woman who usually has at least one empty coffee cup on her desk at any given moment.
Ever the optimist, I view the glass as half full rather than half empty — as long as it’s filled with coffee.
If winter weather looms, I’m the one who stocks up on coffee and creamer — not the traditional milk, bread and eggs that other people squirrel away for hibernation. Sure, I buy those basic supplies out of a sense of duty, but let’s face reality — I’m not likely to curl up by the fire with a good book and a plate of scrambled eggs and toast.
When I’m still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at midnight from too much java, I just reason that I do my best thinking at night while the de-caf crowd peacefully slumbers.
I’m telling you, coffee works wonders for my attitude.
With my second cup of the day now just a sweet memory, I’m ready to take on the world and get down to the serious business of making myself some resolutions — I mean “promises” — that I can actually keep.
Why should I disappoint myself with idealistic expectations that I’ve set way too high? This year, I think I’ll just stick to some realistic goals as I start the new year with my caffeine-induced glass-half-full optimism.
First and foremost, I promise to always make time for things that truly matter — faith and family. Mopping floors and cleaning toilets will wait a day. Grandchildren grow up way too fast.
I promise to be more thankful everyday for the little things in life — because God provides for me and has blessed me with more than I deserve.
I promise never to go to sleep without kissing my husband one last time and whispering “I love you” — because life’s too short and we don’t have the guarantee of seeing another tomorrow. (Ditto each time he walks out the door, with the hastily-added instruction to “be careful.”)
I promise to worry a little less and smile a little more — even if it’s through gritted teeth and with clenched fists while counting to 10 twice.
I promise to procrastinate less — well, maybe that one really will wait ’til tomorrow (sorry, I couldn’t resist).
I promise not to take life too seriously — because laughter really is the best medicine.
But another cup of coffee sure couldn’t hurt either.
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