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Union City not replacing all bleachers

Union City not replacing all bleachers
Associate Editor
Union City will not be able to replace bleachers in the city’s ballparks as soon as city officials had hoped.
The city council agreed to seek bids for new bleachers near the end of last year, but learned during a December meeting that state regulations had changed.
Chris Crockett, director of the city’s Department of Turf Management and Athletic Facility Operations, informed council members Wednesday night during a meeting postponed because of the New Year’s holiday that those changes have caused the city to spend more money per set of bleachers.
He said with this purchase, he will only be able to replace bleachers at the high school softball field instead of all the softball fields.
The city awarded the bid to Mid-South Recreation  of Memphis for $13,940. Twelve invitations were sent out and six bids were received. Other bids included $14,951.95 from Anthem Sports, $16,714.48 from BSN Sports, $16,780 from Southern Athletic Fields, $20,788 from M.A.S.A. and $21,356 from Beacon Athletics.
The city’s insurance carrier, TML, has told the city to replace all existing bleachers within a five-year period, Crockett has said.
The only other business to come before the council, after the meeting was opened in prayer by city attorney Jim Glasgow Jr., was the second reading of an ordinance to amend a portion of the sewer fees established within the sewer pre-treatment program.
City manager Kathy Dillon said the change refers to sewer charges for metered water versus well water for industries.
The council also received copies of minutes from the December planning commission meeting, but no action was required.
Councilman Bill “Rat” Harrison was absent from the meeting.
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