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UTM artists teach local Girl Scouts

UTM artists teach local Girl Scouts
UTM artists teach local Girl Scouts | UTM artists teach local Girl Scouts
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Student members of the University of Tennessee at Martin’s League of Striving Artists recently lent their time and knowledge to help local Girl Scouts earn a visual arts patch. 
The collegiate art group, led by club president Marah Vogt, met with Leah Burnett of AmeriCorps Vista and Girl Scouts Heart of the South at the Tom and Ann Stuart Community Center to teach the Girl Scouts from Troop 43001 a variety of basic art concepts.
Members of the League of Striving Artists first presented the troop with a collection of their own artwork. The pieces reflected concepts that the students came prepared to teach the Girl Scouts.
Club members then separated into smaller groups and led a series of lessons, covering basic concepts and techniques. Each lesson was combined with a hands-on activity, in which the girls completed individual art projects to exhibit what they had learned.
The first group of instructors taught the Girl Scouts about the color wheel, explaining primary and complementary colors. Participants were instructed to mix primary colors and paint a picture using the unique shades they had created.
A second group of instructors taught a lesson about monochromatic color schemes, followed by an activity in which the Girl Scouts made their own suncatchers, using one color to match an emotion they wished to portray.
Next, the girls learned how to make flat shapes appear three-dimensional by using hatching, cross hatching, and stippling techniques.
The final group of instructors taught a lesson on perspective. The Girl Scouts learned how to add depth to pictures, and then applied the technique to their own drawings.
After all of the lessons were complete, Vogt instructed the girls to choose two pieces of their own art to display in a mock art show. Each girl proudly presented her artwork to her fellow Troop members, explaining the technique used in each piece.
Troop 43001 was very appreciative of the visit from the League of Striving Artists, and look forward to using their newly acquired skills in future art projects.
Published in The WCP 1.1.13

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