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Obion mayor: Community to ‘move forward’ in 2013

Obion mayor: Community to ‘move forward’ in 2013
Staff Reporter
Recently-elected Obion Mayor Rodney Underwood believes Obion is in “good shape” and he told The Messenger he plans to keep the town moving forward.
Underwood was recently sworn in to his third term as mayor. He previously served as Obion’s mayor from 1995 to 1999 and is familiar with his responsibilities as the town’s top official.
“Together, we’re going to move forward,” Underwood said about the future.
He explained that when he was campaigning for mayor he didn’t make any specific promises.
The mayor said he has some plans for the town, but preferred not to disclose too many details about his goals.
“We’re working on some things,” he said.
Underwood did say business development for Obion is a priority and that the town’s fire department is in “good shape.” He said he is pleased with the work being done in the Obion Public Works Department.
One department that Underwood said will be undergoing some changes this coming year is the Obion Police Department. The council is already facing replacing retiring officer Jimmy Wilson.
One thing Underwood is very clear about is he is looking forward to working with the city council.
“We’re in pretty good shape,” Underwood said. “But we’ve still got some room to grow.”
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Published in The Messenger 12.31.12