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Bequette enjoys Christmas at home

Bequette enjoys Christmas at home
Special to the Press
Martin resident Ann Bequette enjoyed Christmas at home with her family on Tuesday.
For Bequette, it was a time to enjoy the holiday as she continues her recovery from fungal meningitis.
“She’s doing better,” said her daughter DoRann Moore, also of Martin. “She had everybody at her home for Christmas.”
Bequette continues to recover from fungal meningitis, which she contracted in early October after have a spinal tap done at the St. Thomas Outpatient Neurology Center in Nashville. The procedure was done for problems Mrs. Bequette was experiencing with her sciatic nerve.
The deadly outbreak of fungal meningitis in Tennessee has been voted the state’s top story of 2012.
Bequette is the mother of Moore and Suzanne Killebrew, also of Martin.
She has been undergoing tests and treatments at the St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville since testing positive for fungal meningitis. She underwent surgery earlier this month to remove a lesion from her injection site and continues to undergo weekly tests at the Nashville hospital.
“She is improving and getting her strength back,” Moore said. “And we’re all very happy about that.”
Since being first diagnosed with fungal meningitis, doctors have been monitoring Bequette’s white blood cell count. At one point her white blood cell count spiked to 7,000 after her first spinal tap.
Bequette has had to have several spinal taps done as part of the treatment process and doctors continue to monitor her white blood cell count after each procedure.
Family and friends have been very supportive of Bequette during her ordeal, according to Moore.
Bequette is scheduled to return to Nashville today for more blood work.
Published in The WCP 12.27.12

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