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Tulip Grove holds Christmas party

Tulip Grove holds Christmas party

Posted: Thursday, December 20, 2012 8:44 am

The Tulip Grove Chapter, United States Daughters of 1812, held a Christmas Party recently at the Jackson Country Club.  Chapter president Patsy Weatherington welcomed everyone to the meeting.
The tables were decorated with gifts from the president and Regina East.
Barbara Stegall read The Purposes of the National Society; JoAnn Birmingham led The American Creed; The Flag Salutes to the USA Flag and the 1812 Flag were led  by Sherri Taylor. The Star Spangled Banner was sung in unison.
Donna Cooley gave a flag fact. Do you know where the flag always flies? The White House, U.S. Capitol, Pentagon, Washington Monument, Mount Vernon, Alamo, Pearl Harbor, Betsy Ross House, on ships, etc.
An ancestor minute was given by Barbara Stegall on her ancestor James Doyle. He fought under Andrew Jackson at Horse Shoe Bend and died in 1851 and  is buried in N.C.
Jackie Utley read the minutes and they were approved as given. Treasurer Aline Roberts gave the financial report.
Registrar Regina East, voted on  prospected members Valeta Marcom and Madelyn Williams.
The president gave a program on “Reindeers.” Did you know both male and female have antlers? They are a lot like their North American cousins, the caribou, but are 8-10 inches shorter and have a difference in color. Older bulls lose their antlers late December or early January and young bulls lose theirs as late as March.
The females keep their antlers until calving time,  then the process is repeated all over again.
Many people raise reindeer but people in Tennessee dislike them because they eat our crops and gardens.
Next, games were played. When was the first Christmas card printed-1843;  Where did the Christmas tree originate? Europe. What kind horse is mentioned in  Jingle Bells? Bob tail horse.
Money was given for the State President’s project instead of exchanging gifts. We raised $55.
Christmas carols were sung and everyone wished a very Merry Christmas and dismissed.

Published in The WCP 12.20.12

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