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UC council approves $65 million budget

UC council approves $65 million budget
Associate Editor
Union City has an approved budget for fiscal year 2012-13.
Tuesday night, Union City  council members approved on second and final reading the $65,360,095 budget, which includes $17,815,638 in total general government service funds, $8,155,160 water and sewer service funds, $24,824,000 electric system funds and $14,565,297 school system funds.
The general government service funds include $14,566,219 in the general fund, $278,258 in the state street aid fund, $120,000 in the traffic fines revenue fund, $4,475 in the cemetery perpetual fund, $60,000 in the drug enforcement fund, $5,500 in the City Beautiful Commission fund, $145,010 in the hotel/motel tax fund, $1,785,000 in the sanitation fund and $851,176 in the capital projects fund, which is for the Carey Counseling building and includes no financial obligations from Union City.
The city gives $1,212,500 in direct appropriations to the school system.
The hotel/motel funds will be distributed 42 percent to Obion County Industrial Development Corp., 39 percent to Obion County Chamber of Commerce, 14 percent to Main Street-Union City and 5 percent to the city to defray costs of collecting the tax and the cost of auditing the taxpayers.
The budget includes a 1 percent pay increase for employees; a 1 cent in-crease on the property tax rate, bringing it to $2.13; and no increases in utility rates.
Among the bigger projects included in the 2012-13 budget are turning lanes on Everett Boulevard and a service road for Discovery Park of America and a railroad spur at Greenfield Products, a 500,000-gallon elevated water tank and a lift station, all in the Northwest Tennessee Industrial Park.
The city is also in the process of doing a rehabilitation of the city’s wastewater treatment plant. A contract was awarded to W&O Construction Co. in Livingston in the amount of $2,297,000 during the Dec. 4 meeting of the city council.
Tuesday night, the council approved a resolution to award the bid for State Revolving Funds for the construction.
In other business, after the meeting was opened in prayer by city attorney Jim Glasgow Jr., the council:
• Awarded a salvage bid for a police vehicle to Hickman Motors in the amount of $1,000.
• Agreed to purchase 32 bullet-proof vests from CMS Uniforms in Nashville for $605 each, with an extra $100 charged for oversized vests. Other bids include $607.50 each, with a $100 oversize charge, from Great Serving America Green in Germantown; and $635 each, with a $125 oversize charge, from Accurate Law Enforcement.
Police Chief Perry Barfield said bullet proof vests usually have a five-year life expectancy and most of the vests used by the department are seven or eight years old.
• Voted to purchase a 2013 Ford Utility Police Interceptor for $25,506.24 from Union City Ford. The Tennessee Fleet Sales state contract bid was $26,289. City manager Kathy Dillon said it is unusual for a local bidder to be able to submit a lower bid than the state contract bid, but that she is very pleased.
The city will also purchase a 2013 Dodge Charger Police Sedan from Tennessee Fleet Sales for $22,988. Jenkins Motors bid $25,339. Mayor Terry Hailey voted against the purchase from Tennessee Fleet Sales.
Both vehicles will be purchased using drug fund money.
Barfield said the Charger is on the Tennessee Fleet Sales lot and that Union City Ford will have 120 days to deliver the Interceptor.
• Postponed awarding bids for bleachers after the state notified the city that specifications have changed. The new bleachers are to be placed at the softball fields. The city’s insurance company, TML, has told the city to replace all existing bleachers within a five-year period, according to information provided to the council during the Dc. 4 meeting by Turf Management director Chris Crockett.
• Awarded Autry’s Trenching & Trackhoe the bid to demolish the building at 919 East Vine St. The business had the lowest bid at $1,895. Other bids included $1,950 from Hank Riley, $2,200 from Ed McCord and $2,925 from Scarborough.
• Agreed to pay Hank Riley $2,100 to demolish property at 411-413 North Home St. His was the lowest bid. Other bids were $2,995 from Autry’s Trenching & Trackhoe, $3,000 from Ed McCord and $3,925 from Scarborough.
• Was presented with a letter from the state comptroller’s office concerning a $2,440,000 one-year capital outlay extension. Ms. Dillon said it is part of the process to replace the loan the city has with four local banks for the industrial park with capital outlay notes. No action was required by the city council.
• Voted to amend a portion of the sewer fees established with the sewer pre-treatment program in the city. Ms. Dillon said it concerns sewer fees charged to industries, which are typically on well water. She said an industry has switched to metered water. This amendment will allow for the city to offer some relief in sewer fees.
• Learned the next board meeting will be held on Jan. 2 as the first Tuesday of the month falls on New Year’s Day.
• Heard from councilman Dianne Eskew that the building on Home Street is gone and the property “looks very nice.” She said everyone there is pleased.
• Heard from Ms. Dillon that East Main Street at the former K-T Distributors Building was due to open today. She said while the roadway was closed, the railroad company came in and made the appropriate repairs to the roadway and the pavers were there on Monday.
She said she appreciates the patience of the community and that the businesses and residents in the aware were “very, very gracious.”
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Published in The messenger 12.19.12