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David Huss to interview in Jackson

David Huss to interview in Jackson
Staff Reporter
Obion County Director of Schools David Huss will interview tonight as a candidate for the Jackson-Madison County Schools superintendent position.
Huss, who has been Obion County’s director of schools since 2006, told The Messenger he was ap-proached by Jackson-Madison County employees who asked him to apply for the position there.
“I told them, after looking at the job posting where they appeared to be wanting someone different than a traditional educational leader, that I would,” he said this morning.
He went through the process and was not initially in the top six candidates presented to the Jackson board to interview for the position. However, three of those candidates pulled out over the weekend and Huss said he was called Monday night about 10 minutes prior to a called meeting the Jackson-Madison County School Board and asked to interview.
“I initially said no, I was no longer interested, but then before I got off the phone, I did agree to go and interview,” Huss said.
His interview is set for 7:15 tonight and follows another interview scheduled for 5:30 p.m. The Jackson-Madison board is scheduled to meet Thursday at 4 p.m. to discuss choosing three finalists from the slate of those interviewed.
Huss told The Messenger he and his family love Obion County, but he cannot ignore the opportunity to interview for the Jackson-Madison position.
“I’m not looking to leave Obion County. I was not looking when those people approached me to leave Obion County,” Huss said. “My family and I love it here. We’ve made a lot of friends here. This is just something that came up and it is something that I just don’t feel like I can turn my back on at this point in my career.
“We are fully satisfied being here. I am not going to quit working for Obion County if this doesn’t come about. I’m still going to give it 110 percent everyday.
“You start looking at a point in your career where you may want something a little bit different and I don’t know if this is going to be a fit for me and my family or not, but I won’t know unless I go and talk to them,” he added.
Huss was hired in Obion County in mid-2006 while he was working as executive director of Local Education Agencies Support Services with the Tennessee Department of Education. Prior to that, he worked as director of schools for the South Carroll County Special School District from July 1999 to September 2003.
He also worked in the past as a fiscal consultant with the Tennessee Department of Education, director of finance for the McKenzie Special School District and as a legislative auditor for the state comptroller’s office.
Since coming to Obion County, Huss has also earned a law degree.
He was given a year’s extension to his contract in Obion County — making it through June 30, 2016 — earlier this year at the April meeting of the Obion County School Board. The extension, approved by a 4-1 vote, came after Huss received a board evaluation of 87.68 percent at the board’s annual retreat in February.
As part of the director’s employment contract in Obion County, upon Huss’ receiving a satisfactory annual evaluation, the board can grant either a salary increase or a contract extension.
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Published in The Messenger 12.19.12