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Support system comforts victim

Support system comforts victim
Support system comforts victim | Support system comforts victim
Special to the Press
Christina Jimerson certainly has the support of her family and friends.
But, these days, her strength comes from a far greater source.
“God’s been with me every step of the way,” Jimerson said.
The 27-year-old Obion County native’s faith has grown since she was seriously injured in a brutal attack in October at her former home in north Union City.
She was in Obion County General Sessions Court on Tuesday to testify at a preliminary hearing for the Weakley County man accused in the attack (see related story, Page 1).
Jimerson, who graduated from Obion County Central High School in 2003 and has worked as a shift manager at Wendy’s, was surrounded by family and several friends. They prayed with her before court and embraced her often as they lingered afterward outside the basement courtroom at the Obion County Courthouse.
Since the Oct. 11 stabbing incident, Jimerson has undergone several surgeries and is now staying with family in Memphis after being released from a hospital there. She said she has driven by the North Division Street home where the attack occurred, but hasn’t been back to the house.
She said she is going to put everything in God’s hands as she sees the case continue through the court system in the hope that she or no one else is harmed in the future.
In the meantime, as she continues to recover and prepares to receive a prosthetic eye, Jimerson said she has tried to maintain a positive attitude and has grown in her walk with God.
“I’ve prayed everyday and I read everyday and He’s just had a hand on me and I’ve prayed for Him to give me strength to get through it — give me strength everyday and just keep me positive and not let me stray from Him,” she said. “And He’s answered my prayers, and everybody else that’s prayed, He’s answered theirs. God is great, God is great.”
She told The Messenger her faith has definitely become stronger since the attack.
“It wasn’t near as strong beforehand, and this has all brought me a lot closer to the Lord and (my faith) has gotten very strong,” she said.
Tuesday’s court hearing marked the first time Miss Jimerson has seen the man accused in the attack since it occurred. She admitted it wasn’t easy, but quickly acknowledged God as the source of her strength.
“Just put your trust in God and He will pull you through,” she said. “He loves everyone and He just asks for us to love Him back.” Published in The WCP 12.13.12