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Woodland Mills taking the lead on curbside recycling in county

Woodland Mills taking the lead on curbside recycling in county
Associate Editor
Woodland Mills is leading the way for curbside recycling in Obion County.
The city recently approved a contract with Republic Services and Barker Brothers for single stream recycling and refuse collection.
Mayor Wade Carrington said during Monday night’s meeting that the recycling bins were placed at residences the last week of November. Each bin came with a list of materials to be included in the recycling bin and which are to be included in the trash bin. There was also a calendar for December and all of 2013 showing which bin is to be wheeled curbside each week. The weeks are color coded. As an added bonus, the calendar also included the holiday pickup schedule.
“I was surprised and amazed at how easy it is,” alderman Tom Menees said.
Carrington added his recycling bin is already full and ready for the first pickup of recycling this Wednesday.
Alderman Waymon Reagan said he has diverted so much from the trash can to the recycling bin that he has had to take his garbage bag out before it was full because it had begun to stink.
For the most part, the mayor and aldermen said response has been positive. Carrington said a couple of people called, saying they don’t have room for the second bin or they didn’t want to pay the extra $1 per month for the recycling service.
Menees said he is pleased with the service and the responses he has received. “I can honestly say more than 90 percent are for it now,” he said.
In other business, after the meeting was opened with Carrington leading the Pledge of Allegiance and Reagan offering prayer, the board:
• Approved on second and final reading an amendment to the 2012-13 budget, which included the expenditure of $85,000 for contracted services to pave roadways and repair the civic center. Funds in the amount of $130,195 will be used from the general fund balance.
• Learned unpaid property taxes include $167 from 2009, $419 from 2010, $900 from 2011 and $21,900 from 2012. The city is still owed $15 from Charter Communications for 2009 utility taxes.
• Approved November financial statements including total assets of $7,201.28 in the refuse collection fund, $7,936.96 in the street aid fund, $574,750.14 in the sewer fund and $69,841.50 in the general fund.
• Heard the mayor has been unable to contact the city’s attorney concerning a nuisance property in the city.
• Discussed a commercial sign placed in the “no man’s land” area between Highway 5 and Olive Street. No one claims the land, which was left undeeded when the Maplehurst Subdivision was built. Property owners once took care of mowing the property, but several asked the city to take over the maintenance when gasoline prices got so high. The city currently mows the property. The placement of signs in the area would make it difficult to perform that task, it was noted.
Maintenance employee Perry Carr was asked to remove the sign. The owner will be called.
Carrington said the city needs to look into whether there is an ordinance on the books about the placement of signs within the city limits.
City recorder Thelma Green suggested the board may wish to pass one if an ordinance does not exist. She is to call David Angerer with Municipal Technical Advisory Service.
Obion County Mayor Benny McGuire, who was at the meeting after swearing in Carrington and Reagan for the positions to which they were re-elected in the November election (see related photo, Page 2), suggested the city could have the property quitclaim deeded as city property.
• Reminded those in attendance the next meeting will be held Jan. 14 at 6 p.m.
Associate Editor Donna Ryder can be contacted by email at Published in The Messenger 12.11.12