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Police urge vigilance by local residents

Police urge vigilance by local residents
Staff Reporter
Police are being extra vigilant as Christmas approaches — and they’re asking the community to do the same.
Union City Police Chief Perry Barfield said officers from the Union City Police Department are conducting their annual holiday patrols, which include frequently checking businesses in the downtown and shopping center areas.
The officers are do-ing foot patrols in the shopping areas and are also conducting extra watches on parking lots of local businesses in an effort to deter crime.
“They are physically going inside the stores,” he explained.
But there are also certain common sense precautions holiday shoppers can take in the next two weeks leading up to Christmas Day.
Barfield said shoppers should never leave packages or purses in plain view in their vehicles and women should never leave their purses unattended in their shopping carts.
“Be extra careful. Don’t make the opportunity for theft more enticing,” the police chief said.
Local residents should also lock their cars — even in their own driveways — and should never leave their homes unlocked, Barfield said in urging a common sense approach to avoiding becoming a victim of a crime.
After Christmas, local residents are cautioned not to leave empty product boxes on their curbs for garbage pickup since it basically tells would-be thieves what those residents received for Christmas. Disposal in a recycling bin is an alternative approach.
“Don’t advertise what you got for Christmas by leaving empty boxes — especially electronics boxes and big item boxes — out,” Barfield said.
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Published in The Messenger 12.11.12

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