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Messenger columnist plans books signings in UC, Martin

Messenger columnist plans books signings in UC, Martin
Messenger columnist plans books signings in UC, Martin | Lisa Smartt, Doug and Carlie, The Smartt View

Lisa Smartt, writer of the column The Smartt View which is printed in The Messenger and The Weakley County Press in Martin, recently published a new book, “Doug and Carlie.”
The book is now available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle and in paperback. Mrs. Smartt has planned book signings on Saturday from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at the Christmas Open House at C.E. Weldon Library in Martin and on Dec. 7 from 3-5 p.m. at The Messenger office.
“The Smartt View: Life, Love and Cluttered Closets” and “The Smartt View 2: Life in Progress” will also be available at the book signings. These books are compilations of her weekly column.

“Carlie once ate a whole lemon meringue pie. But she regrets it. She regrets it the way a drunk regrets downing a half bottle of Jack Daniels. It was soothing and horribly depressing all at the same time. Carlie, a 32-year-old employee at the Dollar General Store in Commerce, Ga., dreams of love and literary success, in that order. But love and literary success don’t always come easy, especially for a tall woman with a big behind who stocks canned sweet potatoes for a living. She’s 10 years late on college and only has $167.29 in the bank. In her estimation, she’s late on finding love, too. The good news? Sometimes there are rewards for late bloomers,” Mrs. Smartt writes about the new book.
She and her husband, Phillip, and their two sons, Stephen and Jonathan, live on 16 wooded acres on the outskirts of Dresden. She travels nationally as a motivational humorist.

Published in The Messenger 11.27.12

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