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Hopewell Cumberland Presbyterian Church news

Hopewell Cumberland Presbyterian Church news

Posted: Friday, December 7, 2012 9:05 pm
By: By P. Durwood Worley

The first Sunday in Advent was unusually warm for this time of the year. The spiritual temperature was also nice and warm. Everyone present was extremely blessed by Sunday school and the worship service.

It was the first lesson in our new “Encounter.” The theme for this quarter is “Getting To Know Jesus.” The writer of this series is Dwight Liles, a Cumberland Presbyterian pastor in the Columbia Presbytery. He has also written songs that have been recorded by artists like The Gaither Vocal Band, Gold City, The Cathedrals, and others. Tom McCutchen taught the lesson titled, “Spiritual Blessings in Jesus Christ.”  It was a great lesson.

We were blessed to have Charles Hearod as a first time visitor. He is Bro. Worley’s neighbor, and came as his guest. We missed several of our church family due to sickness, work, and others traveling. It was good to have Joseph and Lisa Hazlewood from Gleason join us for the worship service. It was announced that Jimmy and Shirley Washburn will celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary today (Thursday). Congratulations.

Kevin was our pianist and Lonnie led us in singing, “Joy to the World,” “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem,” “Silent Night” and “Amazing Grace.” For special music, Bro. Durwood sang, “What I Want You to Be” while playing his acoustic guitar.

The sermon was from 1 John 5:10-13, titled, “Whoever Has the Son, Has It All!” The pastor shared a story about wealthy widower with a great art collection. His only son was killed while rescuing a wounded comrade in the war. That wounded soldier produced a portrait of the old man’s son and gave it to him. The wealthy man later died, and all his great works of art were to be auctioned. At the auction, the first portrait to be sold was that of his son. No one seemed interested. An acquaintance of the family finally offered a low and only bid that was accepted. Then to the dismay of the bidders, it was announced that the auction was over. “Why,” demanded the crowd. “Because, it was stipulated in the Will that whoever took the painting of the son, got all the other works. That illustrates the point that whoever accepts Christ Jesus, the Son, gets it all. Yes, all – love, peace, joy, Holy Spirit, eternal life, heaven and everything God has for us.

The service concluded with Christine Hazlewood being accepted as a new member upon her transfer from another church.

The pastor then served The Lord’s Supper. Everyone departed with hearts overflowing.