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Schools remain open Friday as sickness strikes

Schools remain open Friday as sickness strikes

SHARON –Weakley County schools will remain open Friday, as some neighboring systems close school for sickness.

In Weakley County, 426 students – about 9 percent of total enrollment – missed school Thursday, according to Director of Schools Randy Frazier.

“We’re not in a situation to what I consider an epidemic to where we need to think about closing schools,” Frazier said Thursday night during a school board meeting at Sharon School.

About 4.5 percent of students are absent on any given school day, Frazier said.

Sharon was the “hardest hit” with 67 students absent Thursday, he said. That’s about 30 percent of the school’s total enrollment.

“It fluctuates from school to school,” Frazier said.

At Greenfield, about 20 percent of students were out Thursday.

By contrast, just 17 students were absent from Martin Primary.

Nurses at each school have been told to speak with students and teachers about hygiene issues and other steps to help reduce the risk of sickness.

Frazier said the school system received several calls Thursday wondering if there were a set percentage of absentees required to close schools.

“There’s not,” Frazier said. “We have had as much as 20 percent out before and still had school.”

Obion County Schools announced that all of its schools will be closed Friday due to “severe outbreak of influenza and strep.”

Martin Middle School’s basketball game at Obion was cancelled Thursday night.

See Tuesday’s print edition of the Weakley County Press for a full recap of tonight’s meeting.