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Hunters for the Hungry: County hunters never pay processing fees

Hunters for the Hungry: County hunters never pay processing fees
Special to the Press
A story in the Weakley County Press last week has caused confusion about who pays the processing fee when hunters donate deer to Weakley County Hunters For The Hungry.
The story was a statewide release, and it stated that when processors run out of donated money, the hunter has to pay a processing fee. This is not true in Weakley County.
Because of generous funding, our county has enough money to process all deer that hunters bring in — and this has been the case for several years now.
This year, churches alone have donated $12,696  through a love offering in early November. Our two processors — Birdwell Deer Processing in Greenfield, and Kaufman’s Processing in Cottage Grove — process donated deer at a 30 percent discount, and donated money pays the entire bill. All a hunter has to do is field-dress the deer and drop it off at one of these two processors—no charge at all to the hunter.
All the meat is processed and delivered to We Care Ministries, and they dispense it to needy people in our county.
We who work in this program sincerely appreciate the generosity of those who have donated money to the program — and to hunters who donate deer. It is truly a pleasure to live in an area where people are so generous.
Published in The WCP 12.4.12

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