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Child care center has extras for pre-schoolers, parents

Child care center has extras for pre-schoolers, parents

Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 12:01 am

Choosing a child care facility for a pre-school child is one of the biggest decisions parents will face. Parents and their young children will search for the right child care center to meet their needs. Local parents now have another option with the opening of Little Explorers Early Learning Center in Martin.
Little Explorers ELC serves children ages 3-5 years. When designing the policies of Little Explorers, owner and mother of two Sabrina Bates of Martin said she wanted to focus on meeting the needs of not only the children she serves, but their parents as well.
“When customizing policies at Little Explorers, I took into account the options that I would want available to me as a parent who has had to utilize child care for my school-age daughter and toddler,” Bates said.
A unique part of the program at Little Explorers that extends beyond the day-to-day services includes a “Date Night” for moms and dads one Saturday a month. The date night allows parents to drop off their children for a few hours at the facility and enjoy a nice evening knowing their children are being cared for in a safe, nurturing environment.
Little Explorers ELC also offers convenient hours during the week for parents who do not work a typical 8-5 schedule each day. The center is open from 5:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. It is located on the corner of Christine and Meek streets, less than one block away from Martin Primary and Elementary schools, and staff can escort school children to and from school each day.
Little Explorers is only closed six holidays a year and provides special rates during the Christmas holiday.
“Parents are already feeling a pinch on their wallets during the Christmas season and every dollar saved during that week is a blessing. That is why our policy allows parents to only pay for the days their child attends that week. That is a small gift we can provide for our clients during the holiday season,” Bates said.
Some of the parents who enroll their children at Little Explorers ELC are fortunate to enjoy the summers off from work. Bates said the center’s policy allows for those children to still be enrolled, but parents do not have to pay a reservation fee if their child spends summer with mom or dad. The children can come back in August when the local schools start back and pick up where they left off.
While some of the policies of Little Explorers is catered to the needs of parents, the main goal at Little Explorers is to provide a fun and safe atmosphere for the children it serves.
The center features an expansive playground for plenty of outdoor play, as well as a 480-square foot covered patio for outdoor play on rainy days.
“Fresh air and having a chance to be outside every day is important for children. They need to burn off some energy and soak up some sunshine and we allow them every opportunity to do that each day,” Bates said.
From scavenger hunts to reading activities, Bates said she wants all of her clients to go home each day ready to tell mom and dad all about the learning adventures they experienced at Little Explorers that day.
“Pre-school children are eager to learn and when you can make it fun for them, it doesn’t feel like work. That is our goal here at Little Explorers. We want mom and dad to know when they drop off their child at Little Explorers, they will be nurtured and care for,” Bates said.
Enrollment is limited, however, at Little Explorers ELC. It is located at 135 Christine St. in Martin.
For more information or to take a tour of the facility, call Bates at 332-0710 or 587-0004.
Photos and information can also be found on Facebook at Little Explorers.
Published in The WCP 11.20.12


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