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Avoid weight gain, stay out of the kitchen

Avoid weight gain, stay out of the kitchen

Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 8:00 pm

KNOXVILLE (AP) — A key to avoiding weight gain during the holidays is to stay out of the kitchen.
Dr. Betty Greer of the University of Tennessee Extension says don’t hang out where food is being prepared. You’ll likely sample it.
Statistics show most Americans will weigh one pound more on Jan. 2 than they do today.
“Holiday weight gain accumulated over a lifetime can lead to obesity. A pound a year for 30 years is 30 extra pounds,” says Dr. Greer.
Obesity rates in Tennessee have actually dropped slightly in recent years, but still, nearly one-third of the population is obese, and a great many more people are overweight.
Other tips offered include having a light snack before going to parties so you won’t eat as much, eating a variety of fruits and vegetables during the day and controlling your portions as you fill your plate at holiday meals.
What you do can also make a difference and Dr. Greer suggests visiting holiday displays, spending time outdoors away from the cookies and limiting alcohol. It increases your appetite.

Published in The Messenger 11.21.12