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2 arrested on meth-related charges

2 arrested on meth-related charges
Staff Reporter
Two people were arrested on meth-related charges Monday night after Union City police searched a Fourth Street home and outbuilding.
Kimberly Renee Sexton, 28, and Sammy Dale Butler, 36, both of 602 North Fourth St., were arrested at 7:40 p.m. at their residence, according to a Union City Police Department report.
Each was charged with initiate process to manufacturing meth and possession of a Schedule II controlled substance.
Police reported officers had responded to Ms. Sexton’s residence for a search since it is a condition of her probation. In addition, police had received tips and reviewed pseudoephedrine logs on claims that Ms. Sexton and her boyfriend, identified as Butler, had allegedly been purchasing ephedrine and cooking the illegal drug methamphetamine.
Police searched their bedroom, where officers found a drawstring backpack containing three coffee filters with a white powder that tested positive for meth. The bag also contained digital scales, according to the report.
In the backyard of the residence, officers reported they could smell what they recognized as an odor associated with a meth lab coming from inside a detached garage/shed structure. The lock was cut off for police to gain access after a key could not be found.
When the door was opened, a “thick cloud of gas/smoke” was observed inside the building and a gassing generator (blow bottle) was seen in the floor, according to the report. Officers had to put on gas masks before entering.
The bottle was removed and the building was searched by police — who reported officers found 10 empty camp fuel cans, two bottles of crystal drain cleaner, liquid drain cleaner, tubing, measuring cups, bags and a cup that allegedly had been used to grind pseudoephedrine.
Both Ms. Sexton and Butler were placed under arrest.
The shed-type building allegedly used for the manufacturing was quarantined by police.
Published in The Messenger 11.21.12