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Gun season starts Saturday morning for Tennessee deer hunters

Gun season starts Saturday morning for Tennessee deer hunters

Posted: Friday, November 16, 2012 10:45 pm
By: By Brent Callicott

The 2012 Tennessee deer season continues. Gun season for Tennessee deer hunters will start Saturday morning and will run through Jan. 6. The unit you’re hunting and county will determine on the harvest numbers.
One of Tennessee’s oldest hunting traditions is the annual opening of gun season for deer, which usually falls on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. The continuous season replaced the previously two segmented hunting seasons that were in place prior to last year.
The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency divides the state into three deer hunting units, A, B and & L. Hunters may harvest one antlered buck per day until the statewide bag limit of three is reached, including those deer harvested during archery and muzzleloader seasons. An antlered buck is a buck with an antler at least three inches long.
For antlerless deer hunting in Units A and B during this season, refer to the list of hunts on page 26 of TWRA’s 2012 Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide. All hunts listed are now non-quota. Each county listed on page 26 in that guide has its own bag limit. A hunter may harvest the bag limit of antlerless deer in any open Unit A or B county and then go to any other counties listed and take the antler less bag limit there, also. The bag limit for antlerless deer in Unit L is three per day.
A Type 94 permit is required to harvest antlerless deer during this season on all non-quota hunts in Units A, B, & L, except for holders of an Annual Sportsman, Lifetime Sportsman or Senior Citizen License Type 167 Permit.
TWRA personnel will be collecting data at selected check-in stations across the state on Saturday. Antlered bucks will be measured and aged for management purposes.
The second Young Sportsman hunt will again take place Jan. 12-13, 2013. This is for youths 6 to 16 years of age only. Each young sportsman must be accompanied by a non-hunting adult, 21 years of age or older, who must remain in a position to take immediate control of the hunting device and who must also comply with fluorescent orange regulations, as specified for legal hunters. Multiple youths may be accompanied by a single qualifying adult. Youth 10 years of age or older must meet Hunter Education requirements.
You can visit the TWRA website at to find out more information.
Anyone born on or after January 1, 1969, is required to carry proof of satisfactory completion of a hunter education class or be in possession of the Apprentice Hunting License (along with other required licenses) while hunting any species in Tennessee.
For more information about Tennessee’s 2012-13 deer hunting seasons, refer to the 2012 Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide available at all license agents, TWRA regional offices in Jackson, Nashville, Crossville and Morristown or on the TWRA website at
The main part of the 2012-13 Waterfowl Season in Tennessee is about ready to start. But first, the two-day statewide duck season will be Nov. 24-25. This excludes Reelfoot lake Zone which it was held this past Saturday and Sunday.
Then, the long version of the duck season will start for both the Reelfoot Lake Zone and Tennessee Statewide on Dec. 1 and go through Jan. 27. The Canada Goose season will also be Dec. 1 through Jan. 27. The Northwest Canada Goose Zone is a little different and will last from Dec. 1 through Feb. 10, 2013.
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As Veterans Day was last Sunday, no matter what day it is, let us not for get those who have served and those who are presently serving in our United States Armed Forces. My hat’s off to all of you for allowing us to have the freedom that we have today. We live in the best country in the world.
This past Tuesday was a special day in our family. My wife and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. Thirteen years ago on Nov. 13, 1999, the best part of my life started. I am so lucky to have been able to marry the best mother, wife, aunt, daughter-in-law, cousin and best friend anyone could ask for. Happy Anniversary Lisa, you’re the best!
Til next week,
Catch ya on the water folks.
                        — Brent

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