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Resident urges caution

Resident urges caution

Posted: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 11:00 am

The Messenger, November 12, 2012
An Obion County woman is urging local residents to use caution in the wake of an incident that has occurred recently at her elderly father’s home in Hickman, Ky.
She said two men claiming to be preachers have shown up at her 92-year-old father’s home twice recently and, after visiting with her father, have claimed they wished to use his house for some type of gathering. She has since reported the suspicious activity to the Hickman Police Department and wants to caution other residents to be alert. The man’s daughter told The Messenger she fears the two visitors to the home are possibly “casing the house” and have something dishonest or criminal in mind.
Anyone who sees or suspects suspicious activity should immediately report it to the nearest local law enforcement agency.


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