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As family, friends mourn, items stolen at cemetery

As family, friends mourn, items stolen at cemetery
If the loss of a loved one isn’t tragic enough, some local thieves apparently are making things even worse for at least one grieving family.
Theolinda Scarborough of Woodland Mills said floral items that included decorative bows were stolen Saturday from funeral flower arrangements at her son’s gravesite — just a short time after the service had ended.
Ms. Scarborough’s son, 35-year-old David Scarborough of Woodland Mills, was buried Saturday in Union City’s East View Cemetery following a traffic accident late Oct. 31 in Weakley County.
Ms. Scarborough told The Messenger that her family had gone to eat after the funeral and had come back to the cemetery after the grave closing when they noticed some unusual vehicle and pedestrian activity in the area. As they were leaving the cemetery to return to the funeral home, an uncomfortable feeling led her to circle back around to the cemetery — where she saw two women taking items off her son’s grave and loading them into the trunk of a car.
She and her friends tried unsuccessfully to catch up with the vehicle after it left the cemetery, and she described the car as a newer model whitish-cream colored Mercury type vehicle.
Ms. Scarborough said she doesn’t understand why people would steal items from funeral arrangements sent to families in their time of sorrow.
“It just makes me so mad,” she said. “People are mourning. … It’s just unreal.”
She said since she posted about her incident on Facebook, other people have told her they have had similar occurrences with floral items stolen from loved ones’ gravesites.
She wants to spread the word about such disrespectful activity and said she hopes anyone who sees anything suspicious will contact the police department so suspects can be caught.
“I hope people will be on the lookout,” she said. Published in The Messenger 11.7.12