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3 new mayors, 3 incumbents win election across county

3 new mayors, 3 incumbents win election across county
Messenger Staff
Three towns in Obion County have new mayors, while a write-in candidate in South Fulton has successfully captured a city commission seat.
Two of the newly-elected mayors were unopposed, with the previous mayors not seeking re-election, and one new mayor won election against an incumbent.
In addition, three mayors in communities across the county were re-elected to office — two of them doing so while facing competition.
The new mayors include Rodney Underwood in Obion, Dennis Dozier in Hornbeak and Ed Cassetty in South Fulton, while the mayors who won re-election are Larry Gene Davis in Samburg, Jimmie Hart in Troy and Wade Carrington in Woodland Mills.
Dozier currently serves as Hornbeak’s vice mayor.
Write-in candidate Beatrice Sisson Wilcox launched a successful write-in campaign to win a seat on the South Fulton City Commission from Ward 1 — drawing 96 votes to defeat incumbent Charles R. Moody, who received 78 votes, according to unofficial totals.
Moody is currently South Fulton’s vice mayor.
A write-in candidate must qualify with the election office beforehand in order for their votes to be counted. The process for voters includes selecting the write-in button on the voting machine screen, where a keyboard-type screen then appears in order for them to type in a name.
In Obion’s mayoral race, Underwood drew 209 votes to defeat incumbent mayor Glen Parnell, who received 190 votes.
Dozier received 160 complimentary votes in his bid for mayor in Hornbeak, where current mayor Pete Burpo did not seek re-election; and Cassetty drew 702 complimentary votes in his quest to be mayor of South Fulton, where current mayor David Crocker did not run again.
In Samburg, Davis received 74 votes in his bid for re-election as mayor to fend off a challenge from John Vancleave, who earned 36 votes.
Hart garnered 295 votes to win re-election as Troy’s mayor, besting challenger Ronnie Johnson, who received 210 votes in his mayoral bid.
Carrington drew 123 complimentary votes in his unopposed bid for re-election as Woodland Mills’ mayor.
Residents in several cities across Obion County also selected city council or school members during Tuesday’s balloting, with some of those city board races being hotly contested.
Full results from city elections across the county, as provided by unofficial totals from the Obion County Election Commission office, include:
• Mayor — Dozier, 160 votes.
• Aldermen — There were seven positions available, with only five candidates on the ballot. Among those who will serve are Paul Truett, 136 votes; Don Petty, 131; Robbie J. Riley, 122; Lynn Finch, 121; and Cody Caksackkar, 117.
• Mayor — Underwood, 209; and Parnell, 190.
• Councilmen — The six positions available were won by Patsy Barker, 274 votes; Mike Miller, 231; Robert “Bob” Anderson, 230; James Depriest, 216; Polk Glover, 216; and Gracie Ashley, 189.
Council member Renee Webber received 186 votes, while B.J. Cohn received 169 and Connie Lyons drew 118. Write-in candidate Amanda Correa received 29 votes, according to the unofficial count.
• Mayor — Davis, 74; and Vancleave, 36.
• Aldermen — The three positions available were won by Joe Denton, 79 votes; Shelly Arnett, 78; and Sharon Fowler Cunningham, 55. Unofficial totals show Richie Fickle received 28 votes.
South Fulton
• Mayor — Cassetty, 702 votes.
• City commissioner, Ward 1 (one position available) — Ms. Wilcox, 96 votes, to win election; and Moody, 78.
• City commissioner, Ward 4 (one position available) — Scott Ellegood, 216 votes.
• Mayor — Hart, 295 votes; and Johnson, 210.
• Aldermen — The five positions available were won by Deanna Chappell, 360 votes; Lewis E. Solmon, 332; Brad Walton, 330; Ralph A. Wheatley, 325; and Hoyt Sampson, 321. Candidate Stan Mitchell received 259 votes.
Union City
All positions on the ballot were unopposed in Tuesday’s election.
• City councilman at-large (one position available) — Bill “Rat” Harrison, 2,738 votes.
• City judge — Allen Nohsey, 2,891 votes.
• City school board at-large (two positions available) — Dr. Wright Jernigan, 2,594 votes; and Wesley Conley, 1,974.
• Ward 2 city councilman (one position available) — Billy J. Cranford, 452 votes.
• Ward 2 school board member (one position available) — Karl A. Ullrich, 413 votes.
• Ward 3 city councilman (one position available) — Dianne Eskew, 545 votes.
• Ward 4 school board member (one position available) — Cathy Waggoner, 474 votes.
• Ward 5 city councilman (one position available) — Jim E. Douglas, 937 votes.
Woodland Mills
• Mayor — Carrington, 123 votes.
• Alderman (one position available) — Waymon Reagan, 129 votes.
The other alderman position in Woodland Mills is not due for election this year due to staggered terms.
Kenton Special School District (Obion County)
• Dennis L. Littleton received 309 votes. He was unopposed for the available seat.
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Published in The Messenger 11.7.12