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Dorena-Hickman Ferry reopens to loaded semi trucks

Dorena-Hickman Ferry reopens to loaded semi trucks
HICKMAN, Ky. (AP) — A ferry that carries traffic between western Kentucky and southeast Missouri has reopened to loaded semi trucks.
Officials with the Do-rena-Hickman Ferry say Mississippi River water levels have returned to near normal levels following a summer drought. The ferry was closed from June 23 to Aug. 8 due to low river levels, and the ferry was restricted to passenger vehicles and box trucks once it reopened. Capt. Ed Floyd said low water prevented heavier trucks from crossing the ramps safely.
The ferry connects Kentucky 1354 at Hickman with Missouri Route A and Route 77 near Dorena, Mo.
Kentucky and Missouri are the only border states that aren’t directly connected by a road.
The ferry is the only direct route between the two states. Published in The Messenger 11.5.12

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