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Weakley County Deed Transfers

Weakley County Deed Transfers

Posted: Friday, November 2, 2012 8:01 pm

Mary Victoria Lofaro to Matthew Ray Scott, Dist. 2, $75,000.
Donna B. Hatler, Brenda B. Scearce and Sandra B. Walker to Wanda Jewell, Dist. 20, $34,900.
Colin Wilson Key and Jami Lynn Key to Robert Mark Simpson and Julie Ann Simpson, Dist. 2, $150,500.
Patsy L. Baker to Janice A. Byars, Dist. 2, $120,000.
Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Jeremy Dial, $12,000.
Brooxie White to LG McClure, Kenneth McClure, David McClure and Mark McClure, Dist. 5, $2,500.
Jackie Leonard Laird and Patricia Ann Laird to Pam Gardner, Dist. 9, $45,000.
James E. Hadden and Peggy B. Hadden to John D. Howard, Dist. 3, $175,000.
Roger Lee Birdwell to Charles E. Birdwell, Dist. 9, $20,000.
Roger Lee Birdwell to Charles E. Birdwell, Dist. 9, $40,000.
Roger Lee Birdwell to Charles E. Birdwell, Dist. 9, $20,000.
Bryan D. Campbell and Donna M. Campbell to Carol Sera, Dist. 2, $200,000.
Jesse Doster and Beatrice Doster to Anna L. Sexton, Dist. 7, $47,000.
Patsy K. Powell to Daniel A. Vitale Jr. and Dana Michelle Vitale, Dist. 10, $25,000.
James Michael Puckett and Vanessa S. Puckett to Shawn Rennison and Marianne J. Brook, Dist. 7, $60,000.
Dale A. Hanzl, Rebecca E. Hanzl, Albert C Hanzl and Alice May Hanzl, $23,000.
Hugh Edward Berryman to Malissia Stacie Booth, Dist. 5, $69,000.
Lisa L. Walker Gaskins, Lisa L. Walker and Stephen D. Gaskins to RC Petty and Pam Petty, Dist. 8, $50,000.
Mark H. Winstead and Dawn M. Winstead to David G. Young, Luellen Young, Valley Industrial Specialties, Inc., Dist. 2, $62,500.
Snyder-Hunt Company to Angus Properties, LLC, Dist. 3, $460,000.
Ralph Barron, Van Davidson, Wayne Lea and Donna Neblett to Hugh Adams, James A. Bell, Michael P. Bell and Robin K. Bell, Dist. 7, $562,000.
Billy J. Hatchel and Carrie L. Hatchell to Bivens Properties LLC, Dist. 2, $132,000.
Eddie Dean Tackitt, Brenda K. Scott, Deena L. Tackitt and William A. Tackitt to Lebanon Church of Christ, Dist. 24, $22,513.77.
Brenda K. Scott Tackitt to Lebanon Church of Christ, Dist. 24, $24,007.37.
Joel T. Nesler and Sally Nesler to Jennifer N. Barnes, Dist. 25, $96,250.
Bank of America to Richard Doebler, Dist. 14, $43,699.
Daniel Franklin Cook and Jere Lynn Cook to Jere Lynn Cook, Dist. 14.
Delbert Rainey and Doris Ann Rainey to David C. Harper and Honey Harper, Dist. 7, $30,000.
John George Kennedy, Brooks Milner Kennedy and Laree Kennedy Brewer to Samuel R. Freeman and John R. Freeman, Dist. 14, $241,000.
Paul E. Slack and Jennifer J. Slack to Michael W. Johnson, Dist. 2, $176,500.
Brian W. Mathis and Lori Ann Mathis to Thomas R. Propes and Cynthia Propes, Dist. 14, $20,000.
Brian Smith and Candra Smith to Paul Slack and Jennifer Slack, Dist. 2, $166,000.
Patricia Lee Wade, Thomas W. Wade III, Thomas Wade Jr. to Patricia T. Wade, Dist. 11.
Richard Doebler to Andy Salmon, Farrah Salmon, John Salmon and Linda Kay Salmon, Dist. 14, $43,699.
Todd Lee Cochran to John D. Jolley, Dist. 7, $30,600.
Swaim and Swaim, Larry Kelly and Virginia W. Kelly to Patsy Barker, Dist. 3, $162,500.
Wendell F. Alexander and Richard G. Killebrew to George A. Crabtree and Vickie L. Crabtree, Dist. 4, $110,000.
Regions Bank to Leo Shane, Steve Shane and Sandra Skinner, Dist. 9, $29,000.
Melba Jean Carson to Paul J. Bavido and Heather C. Bavido, Dist. 19, $27,000.
Justin L. Carson to Paul J. Bavido and Heather C. Bavido, Dist. 19, $18,000.
Deborah R. Stricklin to David L. Waterfield, Susan C. Waterfield, John W. Waterfield and Sharon K. Waterfield, Dist. 19, $5,000.
Elvira Love and Con Love to A F Doran and Bub Doran, Dist. 1, $100.
Glenn H. Doran and Anne Franklin Doran to Glenda Sohigan, Dist. 1.
William D. Scarbrough and Patricia D. Scarbrough to Michael A. Clark and Jill A. Clark, Dist. 12, $24,670.
Thomas Ray Peery and Brooksie Lackey Peery to Timothy Ray Peery and Michael Thomas Peery, Dist. 2, $34,737.40.
Charles A. Covington and Rebecca Covington to Scott Smith and Kathy Smith, Dist. 14, $127,500.
William A. Arnold and Karen L. Arnold to William A. Arnold, Karen Arnold, Dist. 3.
Edna Harding to Michael Prather and Tammy Prather, Dist. 2, $61,900.
Jerry R. Pittman and Diana L. Pittman to Lennie Page McClure, Dist. 2, $149,000.
Thomas R. Propes and Cynthia Propes to Jonathan E. Reyna and Jessica M. Reyna, Dist. 2, $119,500.
Charles V. Bailey and Terri Bailey to Gary L. Koehn and Edith M. Koehn, Dist. 13, $110,000.
Howard Junior Legens to Tremanda Brackett, Dist. 7, $50,000.
Regina Scott to Sam Pilla, Dist. 2, $12,000.
Wesley Chapel  United Methodist Church to Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Dist. 24.
Courtney Brooke Bell McClure and Chris McClure to Scotty Radford, Dist. 11, $71,500.
Anthony Troy Watson and Christy Faye Watson to Terry Burkett and Ginny Burkett, Dist. 25, $25,000.
Rebecca J. Williamson to Rebecca J. Williamson, Dist. 13.
Highland Cemetery Assoc. to Allen M. Moore and Paula Hearn Moore, Dist. 9, $1,000.
Phillip Finch to Harold E. McKee, Ann E. McKee, Dist. 14, $104,500.
Gregory W. Ellis to Barry Wilkerson and Tracey Wilkerson, Dist. 25, $20,000.
Bethany R. Smith, Linda Donoho to James Laster and Joyce Laster, Dist. 1, $89,650.
Gerald L. Stow, Barbara K. Stow to Henry Lowell Fields and Joel Stow Fields, Dist. 4 and 25, $2,648.

Published in The WCP 11.1.12

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