Deer leaps to death from UTM rooftop

Deer leaps to death from UTM rooftop
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A deer was killed Thursday when it jumped off the roof of the University Center at UT Martin.
The deer had become trapped around a loading dock area and tried to escape by climbing a flight of stairs leading to the roof of Watkins Auditorium, Director of Public Safety Scott Robbins said.
Once on the roof, the deer jumped the railing and landed on the concrete below, right in front of the University Center’s main entrance.
No students or faculty were injured in the 3 p.m. incident.
“We’re just lucky that nobody was walking in that area at the time,” Robbins said. “They wouldn’t have seen the deer at all.”
It’s not uncommon to see deer crossing the campus in the morning or evening hours, Robbins said. They’re rarely seen on campus in mid-afternoon, Robbins added, noting he’s never seen anything like this in his 21 years on the job.
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Published in The WCP 10.30.12

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