Abundant Life Assembly of God – Sharon

Abundant Life Assembly of God – Sharon

Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2012 6:02 pm
By: By Mary M Jones

Bro. Bobby Peal opened our service by singing “The Lily of the Valley.”

Edna Johle taught adult Sunday school from Hebrews 12:14, follow peace with all men and holiness, without which no man see the Lord.

We sang “Happy Birthday” to Melba Carson, our pianist. Mason Petty helped lead “He’s A Big God” and “Let’s Just Praise the Lord.” Mary led “Sunlight” and “He Brought Me Out.” Martha Kotarba sang “Thank You Lord For Your Blessings on Me.” Patsy Baker sang “Nothing But the Blood Of Jesus.” Faye Peal sang “I’m Putting It in God’s Hands.”

Bro. Bobby asked for prayer requests, especially for Jerry Dildine and his wife, Velma.

Bro. Bobby turned to Job 1:1-22 and titled his message, “Can’t eat a bite, can’t sleep at night and the best of my friends won’t treat me right.” We come to church to worship the Lord, fellowship with others and pray with and for others to help raise the spirits of the downtrodden.

In honor of pastor’s appreciation day, we will have sandwich and finger foods Sunday. 

Bro. Bobby greeted everyone with a smile and told of coming events.  Mary led “Victory,” “He Set Me Free” and “He Abides.” Many answers to prayers were given as well as prayer requests. Bro. Lainhart sang “In the Garden” and “O Say But I’m Glad.” Patsy Baker sang “He’s In the Midst.” Mary sang “Sweet Peace.”

Bro. Bobby turned to Acts 3:1-9, The Lord provides the benefits we enjoy today such as our food, our clothing, our shelter from storms which we seem to take for granted. The lame man at the gate received more than he expected for he had never walked since his birth, but when Peter told him to rise up and walk in Jesus name, he jumped up running and leaping for joy. Peter had given him encouragement by taking his hand.

We again joined hands at the altar in our circle of prayer for others.


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