‘We are in a civilizational war and don’t know it’ — researcher

‘We are in a civilizational war and don’t know it’ — researcher
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“We are in a civilizational war and don’t know it,” says Dr. Bill Warner.
The university professor, businessman and applied physicist will explain his attention-garnering statement and share the information he has amassed in a 40-year study of Islam at a free meeting set for 7 p.m. Tuesday at Union City Civic Auditorium. The event is being sponsored by Obion County Tea Party, which will also host a reception for those interested in meeting the expert on Islam from 5-6 p.m. on that date at Obion County Public Library in Union City.
Warner’s interest in religious source documents — the grounds for his teaching on Islam — dates to his childhood. A Christian, he began teaching Bible classes to adults while still a teenager. Although his interest in documents central to the teachings of the world’s religions encompassed Islam almost from the beginning, his study of that particular belief system moved into high gear 20 years ago; by the time 9/11 occurred, he was in the perfect position to watch the teachings he had been studying for years play out tragically before his very eyes. He had, in fact, predicted a war between Islam and America prior to the destruction of the World Trade Center. Since then, he has devoted himself to ongoing study. But of more importance to those trying to understand the changes that are shaking not just this nation, but the world, he has committed his time and energy to sharing the information he has amassed.
“They say I should not be allowed to talk about Islam, that only Muslims should be allowed to talk about Islam. This is the current Obama Department of Justice position,” he said in response to a recent question about the attitude expressed toward his careful scholarship — particularly from Muslim leaders.
“I have never had anyone, Muslim or otherwise, attack my ideas; they just call me names,” he says of those who oppose his free speech efforts to educate the public.
Warner explains that his fascination with the particular branch of study that occupies all his attention these days is “how perfectly the doctrine of political Islam explains all actions by Muslims. Muslims are the slaves of Islam. You can never know a Muslim until you know Islam.”
Explaining the “mystery” of Islam and its dualistic ethical system, which is the antithesis of the Golden Rule at the center of Christianity’s concept of right living, is the purpose of Warner’s Trilogy Project. He explains on his website, politicalislam.com, that “dualism and submission were the foundational principles of Islamic doctrine.”
The project was developed, he says, to make Islam’s three sacred texts — Koran, Sira (Mohammed’s biography) and Hadith (traditions) — understandable. It is based on scientific principles and objective methods so that those pursuing independent study and relying on the guidelines can achieve the same results.
“Every paragraph of our books is referenced to what Mohammed did and said (his Sunna, or words and actions). Each paragraph can be verified by the use of the reference numbers. Our books are fact-based knowledge, not opinion. Mohammed is our expert. We quote him in every paragraph,” Warner says on his Website.
The quotes reveal truths about Islam that are not palatable in a world governed by political correctness. Among the ideas made clear by his study are the following:
• Islam is far more a political system than a religion;
• There is no unmitigated good in Islam for the Kafir (non-Muslim);
• Islam’s ethical system is dualistic and is not based on the Golden Rule;
• Islamic doctrine cannot be reconciled with our concepts of human rights and our Constitution;
• The great majority — 96 percent — of all Islamic doctrine about women subjugates them;
• The Sunna (what Mohammed did and said) is more important than the Koran in a Muslim’s daily life.
Questioned about how he responds to the inevitable accusations that he is somehow “intolerant” of Islam or prejudiced in his views, Warner says: “It is odd that those who say I am intolerant are those who have not read Islam’s source texts or know its history. In our day, intolerance merely means that you don’t agree with liberal politics. But, the charge is true. I am intolerant of violence to advance political goals, wife beating, sex with children, speech control, dualistic ethics, cowardice, ignorance and many current social ideas. I am proudly intolerant of oppression and am usually disgusted by the fascist ideas of the tolerant types. Tolerance of evil is the ally of all evil. I do not talk about Muslims, only Mohammed and Allah.”
Warner contends that Islam has a precise and knowable doctrine that is easy to understand. Islamic politics and history are driven by the doctrine, he maintains. “Forget about Muslims and religion and deal with political doctrine. It is easy to know Islam, just know Mohammed,” he advises.
As an example of how essential it is for the non-Muslim world to understand the force it is dealing with, Warner points to the current “policy” of  disposing of those critical of Mohammed. Such stories make the headlines from countries around the world where Muslims express outrage by shedding blood of those they deem guilty. “The murder of intellectuals and artists who criticize Mohammed is Sunna. Sunna is the perfect example of Mohammed’s life. When Mohammed captured Mecca, he first prayed, then he destroyed all religious art and then he issued death warrants for the artists and intellectuals who had opposed him. There are only two new facts in the Koran, a derivative work. The first new fact is that Mohammed is the prophet of Allah, and the second new truth is that if you don’t believe he is the prophet of Allah, you can be killed.”
Warner says he will invite questions at the close of his presentation. “I always answer questions. They are the sparkplug of critical thought.”
As to any political statement he wishes to convey, he responds simply: “Vote.”
The community is welcome to meet and learn from Warner, who has written a dozen books, has produced the Bulletin of the Oppression of Women and the Bulletin of Christian Persecution and is the founder and director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam. He addresses both national and international audiences regularly and devotes himself to revealing the truths about political Islam and the suffering of its victims.
For more information on Warner, go to his website at www.politicalislam.com. Published in The Messenger 10.24.12

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