Samburg official takes charge of constructing new City Hall

Samburg official takes charge of constructing new City Hall
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Samburg’s new City Hall is really beginning to take shape and could be open by the end of the year.
Alderman Eddie Fickle continues to do a majority of the work on the building by himself. This week he is putting up Masonite walls throughout the building and is working on installing ceiling panels.
He spearheaded the plan to sell the city’s current City Hall on Lakeview Drive and the city’s tractor shed, and then use the proceeds to finance the new City Hall off Highway 22 West near the four-way stop on the north side of town.
The city sold the two properties for a total of $147,500. The City Hall was sold in June to David Laut for $70,000 and those proceeds were earmarked to help the city pay off some delinquent bills. The tractor shed was sold in September to Bobby Johnson for $77,500 and the money was earmarked to pay for the new City Hall.
Fickle has been able to keep the down cost of the new City Hall by doing most of the work himself.
“With any luck at all, with some help from city workers, I’ll have the ceilings up by the end of the week,” he said. “It’s really come a long way.”
Samburg’s new City Hall will house the Samburg Police Department, an administrative office for city recorder Mary Swain, the city’s water department, a tourism office, a meeting room for the Samburg mayor and board of alderman and a large community room.
A new tractor shed is also being built next to the new City Hall.
The current City Hall is about 800 square feet while the new building is about 2,800 square feet.
Fickle said he can’t wait to get the new, larger facility finished and open for business.
There is still a considerable amount of work to be done on the building, including wiring and plumbing and the paving of the parking area, but Fickle said he is pleased with the progress being made on the building.
“I’m exactly on budget as far as the building goes,” he said Monday afternoon. “We’re within $200.”
He is also hopeful the new 40-foot-by-52-foot community room will be ready for use for events and activities this upcoming holiday season.
The new building is also strategically located and designed to serve Samburg residents in the event of a disaster, such as the extreme flooding of 2011.
Fickle is expected to update the Samburg mayor and board of aldermen on progress being made on the building when the board meets early next month.
Other than funding, about the only obstacle Fickle is having to deal with is having to do a majority of the work on the building by himself.
“I could use some help,” he said. “With any luck, we’ll be in by the end of the year, though.”
As for the new tractor shed, once completed it will be used to house the city’s dump truck, tractor and mowing equipment.
Published in The Messenger 10.24.12

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