Posted: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 8:01 pm

READY TO ROLL | Russell Hilton, Shade Tree Tractor Club

READY TO ROLL — Russell Hilton of the Pleasant Hill community was one of the participants in an antique tractor run Saturday, hosted by the Shade Tree Tractor Club. Hilton drove his Cockshutt tractor from Union City to Hickman, Ky., and back. He has researched the history of his Canadian tractor, which dates back to 1877 when James G. Cockshutt first went into business selling plows. Cockshutt also sold Allis-Chalmers, United and Oliver tractors for many years and then in 1946 he unveiled his first Cockshutt, a Model 30. Models 40, 20 and 50 followed. In 1962, he was bought out by White, which continued to use the Cockshutt name, but the tractors came from the Oliver line. The year 1977 marked the end of the Cockshutt line.

Published in The Messenger 10.23.12


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