Area troopers to participate in inauguration

Area troopers to participate in inauguration
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Whatever the outcome of the presidential election, Obion County and Tennessee as a whole will be well represented at the January inauguration.
A few select troopers from the Tennessee Highway Patrol have been chosen to help with security at the Jan. 21, 2013, ceremony in Washington, D.C. — among them one from Obion County.
Trooper Robert Clemmons, who has been with the THP five years and is assigned to Obion County, is one of four troopers chosen for the honor from the THP’s Memphis District.
He will be joined by fellow troopers Brian Pulley, who is assigned to Dyer County but also works some in Obion County; Joe Terry, who works in Crockett County and formerly worked in Obion County; and Guinn Hall, who is assigned to Haywood County.
The four troopers chosen from this area are being rewarded for their hard work and professionalism in their duties, according to Capt. Joel Deal, district captain over a 10-county area that includes Obion County.
Deal said the troopers are eager to participate in the inaugural assignment. He said they will be assigned a post for security, although he does not know any specifics at this time.
Clemmons, 28, told The Messenger he was pleasantly surprised at the special reward for his efforts on the job. He said he has been extra vigiliant in DUI enforcement, particularly after seeing the fatal consequences, and has been “proactive” in his efforts.
He recalled that he and several other troopers had gone to Memphis to be fitted for new vests and he was told the captain wanted to see him — a somewhat intimidating invitation usually reserved for either a reprimand or a promotion. He said the captain at first was very stern as he entered, but then began smiling and told him he’d been chosen to represent Tennessee at the inauguration.
“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Clemmons said, adding that he told his captain he would be honored to be part of the security detail.
Clemmons said he has never been to Washington and is looking forward to it. He said he has not yet been contacted with details about the special assignment, but he believes the troopers will be working hand in hand with Secret Service and other law enforcement. For security, no details are being released by the Secret Service or the Tennessee Department of Safety.
“It’s quite an honor,” Clemmons said. “I’m really excited about it and looking forward to it.”
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Published in The Messenger 10.22.12

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