Battling through the injuries of motorcycle mayhem

Battling through the injuries of motorcycle mayhem

Posted: Friday, October 19, 2012 8:01 pm
By: By Kevin Bowden

My end of The Messen-ger newsroom has taken on the appearance of a “M*A*S*H.” infirmary more than than a newsroom these past few weeks.
What with Glenda Caudle’s bum knee and me with a broken hand and broken left clavicle, we’re enduring our infirmities this month with as much humor and perseverance as we can muster.
While Glenda is recovering from her surgery at home, I’m still hanging around the newsroom with a bright red cast on my arm and a very uncomfortable brace across my shoulder. I suppose I should have opted for the pink cast in honor of breast cancer awareness, but when I was asked about my choice of cast colors the pain in my shoulder trumped any notion I had for picking out a suitable color for my new arm jewelry.
Let me just say that when it comes to me vs. the asphalt on Reelfoot Avenue, I’ll put my money on the asphalt every time. It’s going to be a while before I’m able to make any motorcycle trips around town and driving my truck with this bulky cast is a real challenge.
As for the pain meds they gave me, well let’s just say I really don’t understand why drug addicts are so hooked on them. They didn’t help my pain, they did make me very nauseous and after only a few days my Percosets (a combination of acetaminophen and oxycodone) were happily replaced by over-the-counter Advil®.
What I did learn during my few days of a drug-induced recuperation at home is despite having hundreds of channels to scroll through, there’s very little on daytime television I considered watchable. Come to think of it, the lack of good daytime shows extends into evening programming as well.
Since returning to work, I’ve adopted the Dave Bartholomew method of typing. I’m knocking this column out with a flurry of two-fingered typing. It’s a real challenge and I can’t wait to have full use of both hands in about three weeks.
It’s been quite interesting handling phone calls and note taking with my one good hand, and then there’s been the task of taking photographs. Thank God for autofocus digital cameras and the patience of those I’ve photographed these past few weeks.
There have been a handful of interesting developments that have come across my desk in recent days and I thought I might share a few.
I’ve just finished reading over the state’s 2011 tourism report, which claims Obion County took in $45.18 million in revenue last year. I’m not sure what local tourism-related businesses took in all that money, but according to the report the top three categories of tourism spending were restaurants, travel expenses (automotive) and lodging.
Then there was the news from Lake County Mayor Macie Roberson that recent winds had blown away much of the new warehouse that is being built at Cates Landing in Lake County. The riverport project was recently designated a Foreign Trade Zone, which will have a tremendous impact on the port’s ability to compete internationally, but between the low water levels on the Mississippi River and recent storms, the project is really experiencing some tough hurdles this fall.
One final tidbit for your reading pleasure involves a recent phone call I received in the office from former Congressman John Tanner. He was greatly upset by an article I’d written indicating work on I-69 through the county is about to end due to a lack of federal funding. I-69 was one of several major federal projects Tanner had worked on during his time in Congress and he is angry the “high priority corridor” (also nicknamed a “corridor of national significance”) has essentially become an interstate to nowhere.
Because the Mexico to Canada interstate has basically stalled in one field north of town and another field southwest of Union City, Tanner correctly pointed out thousands of miles of existing I-69 have been rendered useless. It’s been estimated at least $250 million is needed to complete I-69 through Obion County, which once completed would connect thousands of miles of existing interstate along the route.
I guess I’m glad at least one person is up in arms about what’s going on with this project.
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