Let’s Get It Together 10.11.12

Let’s Get It Together 10.11.12

Posted: Thursday, October 11, 2012 5:00 pm

The year 1952 was a famous year in more ways than one. During this  year, Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne in England. That same year, 50 young eager faces were preparing to descend on the world. The dreams and hopes of these young people were unlimited. The expecations of some were college and four more of study, at least. For some others, jobs awaited them with a beckoning lure of money; maybe more than they had ever seen. Some had other dreams they were willing to pursue with all of their being. They were a very energetic class with many talents in academics, sports, music, and drama. This school system afforded ways to exploit all these and many more. The teachers were second to none and taught each one of them as though they were the only students in the world.
This class chased those dreams and for nearly all of them accomplished what they set out to do without computers and electronics, but with pencils, paper and an old fashioned manual typewriter. Therefore, information wasn’t lost into some kind of cyberspace event though they might have erased a hole in the paper or maybe the dog ate it.
After 60 years of trying, they have finally got it right, a class member wrote. This week, some 40 of them and their spouses will again descend on Union City from all parts of the country far and near. Once again, these students are trying to get to class before the bell rings.
Some of them, sad to say, cannot answer roll call but their memory will surely be with those remaining. James Barre, the author once said, “God gave us memories that we might have roses in December.” If that’s the case, this class must have an overabundance of roses and truly they are still beautiful. These graduates have left their mark on much of these United States and even after they’re only a memory, that mark will for sure never be erased.
In past years, when the class has had reunions, they have laughed, cried and suffered from sprained tongues and jaws. After 60 years, these best friends are still the same loving bunch they always were. God willing that will never change.
The Hospitality House will be their headquarters for the two-day event, today and Friday. Do come by and visit with them any time, the class member urged.

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